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An apocalypse scenario:

You are on an island with a tour group when suddenly it happens. Global thermonuclear war! However, the US has been preparing for this for some time as tensions have been growing between the world’s powers over water resources and bunkers have been built in various spots in the world for the survival of the human race in just such an event. There are rules, however, to get into the bunker and they cannot be bent or changed in any way.


  1. Only 10 can fit comfortable and survive.
  2. Each bunker must produce at least one offspring
  3. The goal is the ultimate survival of humanity
  4. The bunker will open in 730 days (2 years) exactly after it is sealed.
  5. It cannot be opened in any way by anybody for the two years, it will automatically send the codes to open it to a terminal in the bunker after the 2 years so that the occupants can decide if it is safe enough to go outside.
  6. You can only choose from the list below
  7. The ultimate goal is the survival of humanity after an apocalypse, so choose with the brain not the heart.

Here are the people, their gender and important information about each one:

  1. Male – Organic farmer/homosexual
  2. Female – Opera Singer/knows 7 languages but has throat cancer and in 3 years won’t be able to speak unless a cure is discovered in that time
  3. Male – Real Estate Agent//Midwife
  4. Male – Poet/Poker player
  5. Male – Gelato Maker/Dancer
  6. Female- Orthopedic Surgeon/ Possible exposure to Ebola virus when traveling
  7. Male – Electrician/ has fibro dyslplasia ossificans progressive
  8. Female – Senator/First Female Head of Supreme Court
  9. Female – Soldier/Eidetic Memory
  10. Male – Carpenter/Sterile
  11. Female – Fashion Designer/Made line of Bamboo cashmere clothing
  12. Female – Zoologist/Blogs for PETA
  13. Female – Wine Auctioneer/200 IQ
  14. Male – Housekeeper/strong and very good person
  15. Male – PhD in Chemistry/genetically perfect will live to 103
  16. Female – Psychotherapist/ Infertile due to hysterectomy from childhood cancer
  17. Female – Astronaut/lesbian
  18. Female – Hedge Fund Manager/Carried around 5 million in gold/diamonds/platinum
  19. Male – Harpist/has Autism disorder
  20. Female – Structural Engineer/Electrical Engineer
  21. Male – Professor of Philosophy/ unknown secondary skill
  22. You – Nursing Student/??? Whatever your real skill(s) are

Answer the following:

  1. List the 10 you chose
  2. Write the reason you chose each of these 10
  3. Write the reason you did not choose each of the 12 left outside
  4. How do you pair up people? Do you let it happen naturally? If naturally, what do you do if after a year no one gets pregnant – do you allow multiple partnering? Explain in detail. 250 words.

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