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Current Events—Timed Writing: Argument

Points possible: 30

Select a local controversial issue. Present both sides of the issue, and then determine an appropriate resolution or compromise. This is an issue that can be about your school, park district, retail outlets.


In a distance learning environment, how writers achieve credibility has a different feel than a classroom environment. Credibility means believability. In order to achieve this, we must pay attention to some key ideas which establish the authenticity of our work:

  • the kind of language we use
  • the references or allusions we make
  • the knowledge we have of our readers
  • the assumptions we make about our audience

For example, suppose I were to write about the issue of whether or not to widen the local intersection near my home to someone who lived outside of my state and may never even visit my neighborhood. Following are two approaches to the same issue:

Approach #1

Widening the local intersection poses serious threats to the small business owner. This double-edged sword feels razor sharp on both sides, according to the owner of the local bakery. While the wider intersection will bring more customers through the area, the five months taken for construction will drop business significantly, even to the point of forcing him out. Local residents, however, are equally concerned about the congestion which is clogging up the intersection, not to mention the safety hazards posed to pedestrians and passing vehicles. Indeed, the recent spat of traffic accidents only reinforces the need for more transportation revisions.

Approach #2

There is no way that they should widen the intersection. I was talking with my friend who owns the local Breadsmith, and he was telling me that as soon as the construction hits, the customers won’t be as patient with this intersection and will look for short cuts. What happens is that small businesses like his take a beating for this kind of work. The city doesn’t really care about them, however, as tax dollars are more for everything up to the curb. Once you get into the parking lot and up to the storefronts, the owner is on his own. It’s a cruel irony– the city wants to make things easier for more traffic, but what ends up happening is that people end up being given the short end of the stick.

The challenge here is to be able to present an argument in a logical, coherent and balanced manner. The challenge, too, is to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of something. Your information must be credible and your writing must be clear and balanced.

***It is supposed to be a timed writing in 40 minutes so there is no given length, it is just what you are able to write in the allotted time (with a beginning, middle, and end of course)***

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