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possible answers: mercantilism, communism, socialism, laissex faire, free enterprise (capitalism)

an economic system without government interference
grew out of socialism but differed by seeking to control all areas of society
was a reaction to capitalism
grew out of and closely subscribes to the laissez-faire system

an early economic system that gave the government strict control over business


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Which answer is NOT a factor of production?


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In a ___ form of government only the legislature makes the laws, and the leader of the executive branch is elected by the people.






Match the statements with the philosophers and theorists.
possible answers : Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, John Locke, Karl Marx, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Thomas Hobbes, Plato, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“father of modern economics” who believed the state and mankind entered into a relationship

philosopher who believed philosophers were the only ones who could create an ideal state

argued for the principle of a separation of powers that later became the framework for the American Constitution

philosopher who believed people would be willing to forfeit some of their rights while requiring the state

to honor both civil and natural rights

argued for the communist theory with the publication of
The Communist Manifesto

man most associated with the socialist theory

philosopher who believed man would forfeit his personal rights and subject himself to a sovereign state for his self-preservation

philosopher who saw the relationship between government and mankind as a reciprocal agreement where the state committed to mankind and mankind committed to the good of the state

French bishop who advocated the divine right of kings theory


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Natural rights, which have always existed and apply to everyone, came from ___.


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branch and may recall him at any time.






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The branch of government that makes laws is known as the ___ branch.






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The U.S. legislative and executive branches check each other’s power.




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Capitalism is essentially the same as free enterprise.




Match the descriptions with the systems of government. Answers may be used more than once.

Possible answers : unitary government, confederate government, federal government.

All political power is concentrated in a centralized government.

Political power is shared between independent central and state governments.

If a portion of the population disagrees with the policies of a government, the people can weaken the central government’s power.

Decisions can be made more quickly.

State governments within a country are more powerful than the central government.


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Which answer is NOT a characteristic a state must have in order to exist?


Match the theories with the descriptions.

possible answers : divine right of kings theory, force theory, social contract theory, evolutionary government theory.

states created by war; rule of the strong over the weak

authority based on inherent right from God

the state’s power limited by the people; formed the

framework for American government

theory that over time, the state developed from the family unit into clans, then into tribes, and finally into states


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Which answer is NOT a specific characteristic of a free-enterprise system?


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Which person did NOT contribute a social contract theory?

John Locke

Thomas Hobbes


Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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Which of these was the first primitive form of government?

small city-states

tribal councils


councils of philosophers


Match the descriptions with the forms of government.

possible answers : liberal democracy, direct democracy, absolute monarch, feudalism, despotism, totalitarianism

People participate in this through initiatives, referendums, and recalls.

This form of government was based on ownership of land and a social class system.

This form of government literally means “rule of the people.”

This form of government has an absolute ruler who only looks out for himself and reigns as a tyrant.

This form of government controls every aspect of an individual’s life.

This hereditary ruler governed by divine right.

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