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American Religious History

With an emphasis upon the religious fervor and temperament of America’s ‘Founding Fathers’, let’s explore how it impacted the writing of our Constitution and what legacy it holds today. You may want to consider reading the Constitution first before responding to this week’s discussion questions. Here is a link to the Constitution:…

  • What does the Constitution reveal about the religious views of America’s Founding Fathers? In what way?
  • Do Americans still uphold those views or has America lost that same religious fervor? Explain.

Please make this 1-2 paragraphs and in APA format.

Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.

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When we work with people, we have to consider their needs when we communicate with them. This just makes sense.

Sometimes, we get complaints from clients or customers and have to respond. Sometimes, we have to work with our employees to solve problems within the organization that are tricky to negotiate without creating negative workplace environments. And sometimes we have to talk to suppliers or contractors about behaviors or practices that do not meet our expectations.

One place where we can analyze the writing of others in response to the needs of actual others is on This is a social media site where people review local businesses to help others in the community make informed decisions about where to spend their money on goods and services (categories are set up to help you search for business reviews to suit your needs). Because users understand that they are writing to other community users, as well as to the business managers and owners, they have a clear sense of audience, as well as purpose. And because business owners and managers can respond to reviews through the Yelp! For Business Owners application, users on both sides can engage in a conversation, of sorts, about the reviewer’s experience with the business.

In this unit’s study, you were asked to find an online review. Use that review to respond to the following for this discussion:

  • Write your first impressions of the review. Do you think it is a fair review? Why or why not? What would make the review stronger? Post a revision, if you feel one is warranted.
  • If there is a reply to the review from the business, examine it. Is the reply well written? Why or why not? What would you have done differently? Rewrite the reply if you feel it needs to be rewritten. If there is no reply to the review, draft one. What should it include?

To help you get started, you can use the information about responding to reviews provided on Yelp’s Responding to Reviews page.

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#3: Young: Young considers the public dimension of memorials, and of Holocaust memorials in particular. He notices that monuments refer us to the past, but that they can also play an activist role in the present, thus affecting the future. He quotes Marianne Doezema: “The public monument has a responsibility apart from its qualities as a work of art. It is not only the private expression of an individual artist; it is also a work of art created for the public, and therefore can and should be evaluated in terms of its capacity to generate human reactions.”

Reflect on this statement, while looking at these public works of art:

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Unit 2: Lesson 4 – What I See in Lincoln’s Eyes Apply – Excelsior Writers |
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In 200 words or less, summarize “What I See in Lincoln’s Eyes.” Your purpose here is two-fold:

Explain Obama’s thesis, and explain the organizational and literary techniques used to make his
point. You must include all of the following:

  • Obama’s thesis: What is the writer saying in this essay?
  • Discuss Obama’s description of the painting of Lincoln. Why does he focus on the image?
  • Discuss what comparisons and contrasts Obama makes between himself and Lincoln.

You should not include your opinion or reaction to this essay in your Application. Instead, strive to answer the question: What does Obama say in this essay, and how does he make his point?

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Complete a research essay on the government and national security. Remember this is being written for the president to read.

Terrorism, national defense, and border security are always hot topics. Here are the aspects and questions to address for this essay:

  1. Identify a current issue being debated about American national security.
  2. Explain two competing solutions to this problem.
  3. Evaluate which one is preferable.
  4. Address the responsibilities of each level of government, which are federal, state, and local. (Most of the essay will be about the federal government).


  • 300 word minimum length, not including references listed at the end or footnotes if used.
  • Incorporation of concepts and terms from the required readings.
  • Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and formatting, whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian.
  • See the essay rubric for further details on grading.

Writing tip – Essays should be written in the third person perspective. (Avoid using “I, me, my, mine, we, us, our, you, your”).

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SOC100 UCSD International Students & Higher Education Annotated Bibliography – Excelsior Writers |
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANNOTATIONS: I already attached topic statement

•Start each annotation with the full and complete citation using either APA (American Psychological Association) or ASA (American Sociological Association) style. For more information, please see…

3 academic sources

o Examples of academic sources: § Article published by a peer-reviewed academic journal § Book published by an academic or university press § Literary publications, textbooks, encyclopedias o Examples of popular sources: § Newspaper articles § Blog posts § Radio and TV broadcasts

•Annotate each source by writing out 6-12 sentences of notes that reflect: (1) the main point of the reading you selected, (2) the relationship between the article and your topic, and (3) how you may use this article in your final paper.

o Your annotations should be free of major mechanical errors (e.g., spelling), but they do not need to be in full, complete prose. The main point here is to get your ideas flowing on the page.

o Please note that in the process of your research, you may search for, download, skim, and even read some articles that are not worth annotating. Only after you are at least somewhat sure that you are going to use an article should you take the time to make annotations.

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explicit and Implicit Biases, assignment help – Excelsior Writers |
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1) Provide an example of an implicit and an explicit bias. The examples may be from your own life, from something you have observed, or from the resources reviewed in this learning block.
2) Why is it important to understand these biases? How can these biases influence human behavior?


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Analyze the relationship between these two male characters in a film, psychology homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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I am writing an essay analyzing the close relationship between two male characters in a Hitler Youth called “Napola”, an idealistic boxer who bonds with an aspiring writer in a Nazi Academy in 19421. My argument is that these two males characters were more than friends, and could have potentially had passionate feelings, however, given their situation in a military school with twisted ideologies, impacts the two of them in various ways.

I am required to have sources, so I came here to ask for an expert on their input. I ask, in your own words, to write a page or two, with your name and affiliation, with notes, on instances of it and your own potential thoughts analyzing how the two characters are around each other over the course of the film, and the death of one of them. What are some examples, scenes, and subtext? Could the main character, Freidrich, have been very interested in his dear friend? Etc etc. You will be cited in my paper.

The other requirement, of course, is to watch the film. Again, it is titled “Napola” (the U.S. title is “Before the Fall”). It is German, and it can be found online. I am not sure if subtitles are available, so if you speak German, that would be an extra bonus.

Here is one example of a website that has the movie online (you must play the Server OpenLoad instead of Server 1).

Any questions, please feel free to let me know. This does not need to be a proper, fine-art, essay. Just notes and comments from somebody professional to support my point in my paper.

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University of Phoenix Family Life Education Program Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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The Cedeno Family,

For each program, provide the following information 100 words each

Program #1

Program #2

Nurturing Program

Active Parenting

Why this parenting program is appropriate for the case study family. How could this program be adapted to better suit the needs of the case study family?

How could this program be adapted to better suit the family’s needs in the case study?

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Which passage shows Don Quixote’s reliance on tales of knights and chivalry while he is planning his adventure?

A) ”With their spoils we will begin to get rich, for this is a fair war, and it is a great service to God to wipe such a wicked brood from the face of the earth.”

B) “If I for my sins or by good luck were to meet with some giant hereabouts, as generally happens to knights errant, and if I were to overthrow him in the encounter …”

C) “In fact, now that he had utterly wrecked his reason he fell into the strangest fancy that ever a madman had in the whole world.”

D) At the mention of the donkey, Don Quixote hesitated a little, racking his brains to remember whether any knight-errant ever had a squire mounted on donkey back;

I picked C but am unsure if it could be B ?

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