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In a document, re-type each sentence, adding an adjective.

Dorian smiles at the painting.____________________________________

The boy is pleased with the painting. _______________________________

The painting reflects his beauty. __________________________________

His beauty fills the room with warmth. _____________________________

The influence of Lord Henry destroys Dorian’s happiness. __________________________

Effective adjectives help to specify the nouns that they describe. Do your adjectives do this? If you used one of these words: pretty, happy, bad, or good, consider replacing them with adjectives that express more clearly what you meant.

Now, re-type each sentence with an adjective that answers the specified question.

Which one? Dorian smiles at the painting. ________________________________

What kind? The boy is pleased with the painting. ___________________________

Which one? The painting reflects his beauty. ______________________________

How many? His beauty fills the room with warmth. _________________________

What kind? The influence of Lord Henry destroys Dorian’s happiness. ________________________

You may have noticed by now that, for the most part, we place adjectives directly before the noun they describe. When we get into more complex adjectives like adjectival phrases and clauses, placement will vary, but for now, we generally put our adjectives before the noun.

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Argumentative Essay/Thesis on Gluten Sensitivity – Excelsior Writers |
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Please follow all of the guidelines in the attached file.

Topic: ” Gluten Sensitivity”. Please message me the attentive claim and counter arguments when you choose them. Please also include a first and second draft as well as the final copy upon completion. MLA Format.

Must consist of eight academic-level sources.

Your GRAPHIC and/or IMAGE must be (1) labeled, (2) cited, and (3) referred to in the text before its placement.

Required Length: 8-10 pages, up to one page of which may consist of ancillary graphics and images, PLUS a “Works Cited” page – so that’s at least seven pages of text.

Thesis: Underline. Not only is a strong thesis emphatic and takes a clear stance, it should also provide grounds under which you are convincing your claim to be true. (Think “because statement,” your reasons. This will also assist you in your organization.)

check the attached file for further details.

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describe one (1) situation in your life from the past several years that required adjustment according to the Ecological theory, psychology homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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  • From the e-Activity ( describe one (1) situation in your life from the past several years that required adjustment according to the Ecological theory. Discuss one to two (1-2) examples from your situation that apply to each of Bronfenbrenner’s five (5) environmental systems: microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem.

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Presentation – Excelsior Writers |
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Prompt: For this assignment, you will create a presentation that highlights the differences and similarities between public and private management techniques. Create a presentation to inform the audience (your instructor) about the differences and similarities between public and private management techniques. Concentrate on including concrete examples for each assertion you make about a difference or similarity. Include your research and in-depth information about each slide in the Notes section of your presentation.
Specifically, address the following critical elements:
I. Long-Term and Short-Term Budgets a) What are the differences and similarities between how the two groups create long-term and short-term budgets?
II. Private Business Practices a) Which business (private sector) practices should not be implemented in public safety administration, and why not? b) Is accountability between the private (clients and shareholders) and public sectors (public, watchdog groups, anti-corruption bodies, etc.) the same? What is the mission and vision of the public safety sector?
III. Budgeting Decisions a) Decision making in the public and private sector is different due to the mission and vision. How do the differences in the ability to make budgeting decisions affect the public sector’s long-term and short-term strategies when considering the mission and vision of the organization?
As you address the critical elements above, be sure to identify at least two different theories from your reading that support your presentation.
You also need to include the following:
 An introductory slide that states the author and titles of the works  Scholarly resources (cited on a reference slide) to substantiate claims
You are not limited to using PowerPoint for your presentation. There are other formats available to you. Check out the following helpful information regarding presentations.

Principles of an Effective Presentation:
 You may utilize a product such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Presentation to create your presentation.
 There are various template designs that you can find on the web for your presentation. However, first consider your presentation from the perspective of your audience prior to selecting a specific style. Distracting backgrounds, large blocks of text, all uppercase fonts, elaborate font styles, grammatical errors, and misspellings are distracting. Be consistent with the style of text, bullets, and sub-points in order to support a powerful presentation that allows your content to be the focus.
 Each slide should include your key points. Do not place large blocks of text on the visual. Your presentation is not a means of presenting a short paper. In an actual presentation, you would not “read” from your slides but rather use them as prompts.
 Any notes or narration that you would use in delivering this presentation to a group should be listed in the Notes section of the slide.
 References should be listed at the bottom of the slide in slightly smaller text.
 Use clip art, pictures, charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance but not overwhelm your content.
 Be mindful of the intended audience and seek to assess the presentation’s effectiveness by gauging audience comprehension (when possible).

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Discussion question – Excelsior Writers |
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Elizabeth Loftus, who is the speaker in this video, is one of the leading experts in false memories and eye-witness accounts. Her work in the criminal justice system has resulted in the release of people who were incarcerated because of incorrect eye-witness testimony.

After watching this video, what is your conclusion as to the prevalency of false memories and incorrect eye-witness accounts. Can you think of any memories that you may have that might be incorrect? Have you ever placed a false memory in another person.

Find and discuss at least one other article regarding false eyewitness accounts.

Your initial response is due on Thursday. Your response should be in the 300-350 range. References and citations are expected to be used in the process of answering these questions.

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Do you think the Buddha was against women, or were there other factors that the Buddha was addressing?​ – Excelsior Writers |
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Please discuss the following prompt: The Buddha was known to have said that if women had been allowed into the Sangha from the start, the impact of the Dharma would have only lasted half as long. What do you think he meant by this? Do you think the Buddha was against women, or were there other factors that the Buddha was addressing?

In Chicago style please.

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How can the counselor create a sense of hope and possibility for the client?, discussion help – Excelsior Writers |
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Chapter 11 in the textbook emphasizes the importance of hope and possibility in the counseling process. Clients come into counseling having tried many different solutions that have failed. In many cases, they are discouraged and hopeless about resolving their problems in a way that creates a better life.

In some cases, clients face significant barriers of physical disability or illness, histories of trauma, occupational disadvantages, or addictions. Throughout the counseling process the counselor attempts to create hope.

Write a 750-1,000-word paper discussing the following:

  1. How can the counselor create a sense of hope and possibility for the client?
  2. How does establishing goals help clients to develop hope?
  3. What steps can the counselor take to help clients identify goals for change?
  4. What strategies can a counselor utilize to help clients commit to change?

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin

please let me know if you need chapter 11 pages , i can send that in document

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English Literature201 UCLA Analysis Essay – Excelsior Writers |
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Short Story Literary Analysis Essay

Assignment Guidelines

I: Short Story Literary Analysis Essay Requirements:

This Essay will be a Five Paragraph Essay, 700 word minimum: introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion.

Choose ONE short story we have studied this session. You will take three direct quotations from this story for inclusion within your essay. You will use ONE quote per body paragraph.

Document the three quotations using correct MLA format for in-text citations.

There will be a correctly formatted Works Cited section for the short story. You will correctly cite the short story.

You will not use outside research for this assignment. The analysis must be your own.

Focus your analysis on the THEME of the work and show how the author develops his/her THEME through the use of three literary elements we have studied.

Use the Literary Terms list (under this guideline). You will choose three literary terms from this list.

Read through this LIBRARY GUIDE FOR THE SHORT STORY LITERARY ANALYSIS regarding info on writing this type of essay.

II: Follow these guidelines when organizing and drafting your Short Story Literary Analysis Essay:

Create an original title for your essay which reflects the central idea of your work.

Within the introductory paragraph, introduce the plot but avoid an extended plot summary.

The thesis (the last sentence in the introduction) must focus on the THEME or message about life the author is attempting to convey and be developed by three literary elements such as characterization, point of view, setting, symbolism, irony, conflict, etc.- See posted example in Short Story Thesis assignment.

Include a preview of the three literary elements within your thesis, making sure to use parallel structure.

Again, refer to this list of Literary Terms provided as you develop the thesis for your essay.

Each literary element will serve as the central idea for each of the three body paragraphs.

Introduce your body paragraphs using restricted topic sentences.

Refer to this chart for the use of transitions in your writing.

Use three quotations from the short story to illustrate the main focus within each of the body paragraphs (minimum of one direct quotation per body paragraph). Use examples from the story as well as your own commentary and interpretation to support the point of each paragraph.

Document quotes from the primary source/short story with correctly formatted parenthetical citations using MLA format. Also include a Works Cited section for the primary source/short story from your Norton Anthology.

Finish the essay with a strong concluding paragraph.

Use only third person objective point-of-view. Do not use first person “I” or me , second person “you” or subjective third person “we”, our or “us”.

Submit the first fully completed draft of your essay in to the Short Story Final Essay Drop Box to check the Turnitin percentage. You should not have more than a 10% match. You can resubmit a final copy. The ‘most recent’ upload of your essay will be graded.

Submit your final copy as .doc or .rtf file to the Short Story Literary Analysis Drop Box by the deadline for this assignment.

Follow the heading requirements (including font, size, spacing, and page numbers). See syllabus.

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Need help with a 2-3 page paper on Preparation for an interview. APA format need to pass turnitin – Excelsior Writers |
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Prepare for an Interview

By Wednesday, February 15, 2017 complete the assignment below.

Assume you are employed as a counselor at your local high school. You need to conduct a 30-minute interview with a student who has suddenly had a dramatic decline in her grades. Prior to conducting any interview, it is extremely important to plan its structure, the type of information you hope to acquire, the timing and sequencing of the interview, and the types of questions you might want to ask. To prepare for the interview, analyze the structure of the interview and present a summary including the following reasons for your choices:

  • Purpose of your interview
  • Discuss the topics you plan to cover and the sequence in which you will cover them
  • Questions you will use to obtain the information
  • Opening techniques to build rapport with the volunteer
  • Types and examples of questions you want to avoid

In your discussion, please be sure you cite, at a minimum, the online course and the text book for the course. Your paper should be 2–3 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages), be APA formatted, and include a reference page. Submit your assignment to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Described a clear purpose for the interview.


Identified and justified topics to be covered in the interview and the sequence in which they will be covered.


Provided examples of at least 10 questions that could be used and explained why these questions were selected.


Described appropriate opening techniques for building rapport that reflected understanding of a specific interview setting.


Discussed and explained what types of questions should be avoided in this example interview.


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




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explain why this daily event it is a great choice to transform through music, English homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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Choose one daily routine.

It is something that you will do (like turning a device) or something that happens to you (like your cellphone ringing). If you will have to use this event (Bring Key Reminder Tune) to designed a 15 second music, explain why this event is a great choice for transformation through music.

The chosen daily routine event: Reminder sound of taking the key when people left the house

Do not need to create real music. Just write a 150 words discussion about why you choose this event.? and why this daily routine event can be a great candidate for transformation through music?

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