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lable the running head and title policy paper submission and see attatchments

Now that you have completed your interview and your research, please submit your completed Policy Paper.

Please be sure to proofread your paper before submission.

Check for spelling, grammar errors and double-check all references.

In addition, be sure that your policy paper is aligned with the Policy Paper Outline that you previously submitted.
As a reminder, your policy paper should encompass the following:

  • Policy Paper clearly follows the Policy Paper Outline and is representative of the original policy as presented in the interview.
  • Policy paper includes title of policy, policy number; date policy takes effect, responsible office or individual.
  • Paper includes a clear policy statement that outlines the policy for the students chosen topic area.
  • Paper clarifies the reason for the policy, including introduction, background information, list of reasons for the policy, conclusion.
  • Detailed explanation of the persons affected by the policy.
  • Paper contains ideas for implementing the policy.
  • Paper includes comparison with at least two other policies.
  • Paper includes references to other research about the policy issue.
  • Brief summary of the interview contact or other contacts from research or personal recommendations.
  • Paper includes references in APA format.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, history homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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One page and a half…

The essay must be written in MLA style. When quoting, please provide the source from where you attained the quote. Also, please attach a works cited page to your essay at the end even for the textbook were using. If students have not purchased the book, visit “Owl Purdue MLA” to see how to use MLA style. Outside or secondary sources are not required, but they can be used to write the short essay.

Observing Harriet Jacob’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, and Frances Watkins Harper’s poems, students are to discuss what life was like for enslaved Black women. What do we learn from their works about slavery and the treatment of Black women within this peculiar institution? More questions to consider for this short essay: How was the Black female body used and controlled by the White plantation owner or enslaver? What was the relationship and power dynamics between the enslaved Black woman and the enslaver White man during slavery? Students can point out how the Black woman has attempted to resist this form of control and sexual oppression. In concluding this short essay, students can talk about how this legacy has transferred into today’s society? For instance, students can point out the exploitation of Black women’s bodies extending into the entertainment industry (modeling for fashion and beauty magazines), and the film industry (movies and television shows) in the present day. Further, students can discuss how Black women have attempted to fight back against these forms of sexual oppression in the entertainment and film industry, as well as how Black women are empowering themselves and others through artistic forms of resistance. Or if students do not want to end their short essay this way, they can be creative in deciding how to make their own conclusions. Rely on the text and outside sources as evidence to support your claims.

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English Lesson 25 Your brainstorming lists should correlate to the type of essay, English homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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There are several different types of essays, but the three basic types are:

  • Expository = to explain something, an idea, a point of view, or how to do something (process)
  • Narrative = to tell a story
  • Persuasive = to convince

List ideas, facts, or opinions for each of the topics below. Your brainstorming lists should correlate to the type of essay:

  • expository
  • narrative
  • persuasive

Identify which type of essay you are writing. Then create your brainstorming list. Finally, write your short essay (paragraph) using your brainstorming list.

1. The community has imposed a curfew of 10:00 P.M. for teenagers under 18, including weekends.

2. A neighbor doesn’t like your cat because he is only likes dogs.

3. Your best friend is going to buy a used car and you know it is not dependable.

4. There is a new shopping center being constructed very near your neighborhood.

5. Your parents expect you to attend college at a nearby community college.

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planned Parenthood Public Policy Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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Write an 800 word paper regarding Planned Parenthood public policy in which you include the following:

  • Define the intended purpose of the policy.
  • Describe the Implementation process.
  • Identify key actors related to the public policy development and implementation.

Please, add references and format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Perception of Intelligence, psychology homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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Perception of Intelligence

Different cultures conceptualize and measure components of intelligence in various ways. Some cultures value a person’s ability to quickly process and respond to information. Other cultures may value one’s ability to consult with members of the same culture who have more life experience in order to solve problems. Still, other cultures value creativity, formal education, and literacy as a basis of intelligence. With so many variations in cultural beliefs, how do researchers ensure accurate measurements of intelligence among different cultures? For example, can standardized tests of intellectual ability from a Western culture adequately and appropriately measure the intelligence valued by Kpelle farmers in Liberia?

For this Assignment, consider how cultures interpret intelligence differently. Reflect on how various cultures measure intelligence. Use your Final Project culture of interest and, in addition, select another culture that defines intelligence differently. Consider how you might test different cognitive abilities (e.g., memory, organization, and visualization) in each of these two different cultures.

The Assignment (4–5 pages)

  • Describe the two cultures (South African and Arabic Cultures please) you selected and compare how each culture perceives intelligence.
  • Explain three cultural factors that might influence how intelligence is perceived in each culture you selected.
  • Explain how you might measure intelligence in each culture and why you selected this method.
  • Support your responses using the Learning Resources and the current literature.

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Review of the Literature Topics, psychology homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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Describe the primary focus of the 4 major components of Chapter 2 (Background to the Problem, Theoretical Foundation, Review of the Literature Topics, and Summary) based on the criteria listed for each section. Identify how each of these sections helps to define your research.

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Project 3: Argument Essay – Excelsior Writers |
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Once you have carefully read both articles, write a short essay (800-1000 words) that answers the prompt below.

Should students be required to wear uniforms in schools?

Your essay should include:

  • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly answers my prompt
  • 2-3 body paragraphs that follow PIE structure, starting with a Point that is an opinion, using quotes from the articles as Information and Explaining the quotes thoroughly. There should be two quotes, both with explanations, so PIEIE.
  • A one sentence counter argument that comes before one of your Points (the Point would be your refutation)
  • A conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought.

Step 3:

Submit your Essay for grading. Be mindful of the clock. I will not accept any essays past the 2 hour time limit or by email. Remember to do your best, as your grade on this will not change.

Also, remember that using any outside sources is forbidden and will result in a 0 on this assignment.

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Explain how “teaching by example” influences the development of ethical and moral reasoning as well – Excelsior Writers |
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Read the attached article and in a minimum of 250 words address the following:

  • Describe at least three ways a person can teach by example according to the article and provide a personal example in which you have demonstrated this concept.
  • Explain how “teaching by example” influences the development of ethical and moral reasoning as well as cultural sensitivity and awareness.
  • “Rousseau categorically denies the educational power of example” (p. 513). Explain your agreement or disagreement with Rousseau’s philosophy of education as it applies to your experience in gaining knowledge.
  • Article:…

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    infinitive phrase, English homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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    The most important in this outline . follow this writing process . and I will upload sample for that .

    I need the ideas comes like this

    *Subject + action verb + __A__ and __B__ + participial phrase(s)) or infinitive phrase(s).*

    A + B comes from planning page

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    Eng 111 ( Task 1) – Excelsior Writers |
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    Welcome to Task 1!

    Write a 300-400 word personal narrative telling about one event that led to a change in your life. Discuss the event and the life change. You will practice early forms of APA formatting by typing the paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font and using the double spacing feature in Microsoft Word.

    Once you have typed the paper, step away from it for a few hours or overnight and then re-read it before you submit your work to Moodle. Have you told your story clearly? Have you used proper adjectives and adverbs that draw in your reader?

    Submit your paper to Moodle. Submitting work to Moodle – save your final draft and submit it using the “Add Submission” button below. Be sure to click “Save Changes” after uploading your file, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to click “Submit.”

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