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COUN 6723/COUN 6723A/COUN 6723F/HUMN 8275/COUN 8723/PSYC 6723/PSYC 8723: Multicultural Counseling

Final Project Guidelines

For your Final Project, you select an individual you do not know well to interview (e.g., classmate, coworker, neighbor). This individual must be different from you in at least two of the following ways: race and/or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

The Final Project is a 4- to 6-page narrative that includes the following components:

1. Summary of the Interview:

Use the questions below as a base for your interview, and feel free to ask your subject additional questions as needed:

  • List all of the aspects of your identity that you feel comfortable sharing. (If the interviewee has difficulty understanding the term identity, provide some examples such as race and/or ethnicity, gender, or religion. Try to get as complete a personal history as possible to fill in the subject’s profile.
  • Of those aspects, what is the one identity that you think is most important or most salient and why?
  • What identity is the second most important to you and why?
  • Which identity do you spend the least amount of time thinking about and why?
  • Think about your most important identity. What messages did you receive about that aspect of your identity during your childhood/adolescence? What messages have you received about that aspect of your identity as an adult?
  • Considering the most salient identity for you, in what ways are you similar or different from other individuals who share the same identity?

2. Create a profile

Using the ADDRESSING format, create a profile of the individual, including a summary of the interview questions.

Explain the individual’s cultural worldview.

3. Summation

  • Explain how this individual’s cultural worldview is similar to or different from what you know about this individual’s cultural group. Did you have any preconceived notions that you had to reevaluate after the interview? Did you find any inconsistencies between your experience and what you have read in the Learning Resources?
  • Explain how this interview illustrates the complexity of identity.
  • What implications does this interview have for a future counseling interaction you might have with someone who represents a culture/identity similar to this interviewee’s? What have you learned that you might apply in your future work with clients?

In a 4- to 6-page paper (Note: title page and reference pages do not count toward total page count). A typed transcription of the interview is not required as a part of the paper.

Provide an analysis of your interview by addressing all components outlined in these guidelines and support your findings with appropriate literature. Be sure to use APA format and correct grammar and spelling.

The Final Project is due on Day 4 of Week 11. See the Week 11 Final Project area for submission details.

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Some other crappy tutor wrote me an essay that got a 21/40, the teacher gave it back and said could redo it and left this comment on the flaws made. “Please follow MLA format. By the end of the first paragraph I’m not certain what your thesis is. What is the reference (REF SED)? I do not see the sources listed in the Works Cited entries. Overall, this paper is too short. At just a little over three pages it is not the required length of 5-7 pages. Also, you are trying to discuss the usage of robots in industry, surgery, and caregiving. Each of these is a topic worthy of an entire paper. You should pick just one and go into some depth with it. As it is written, it comes across as rather superficially treated and possibly plagiarized. It ends abruptly and does not tie together the various points you made throughout the essay. Please revise/rewrite this paper.”

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“Critical Thinking in the Workplace” Please respond to the following in 6-7 sentences:

  • The video clip “Thinking on the Job” illustrates the importance of critical thinking, especially in work contexts. Define the concept of critical thinking in your own words. Discuss a time in either your work or personal life in which you needed to be able to use critical thinking to either solve a problem or acquire a skill.
  • Determine the manner in which you would show a potential employer that you possess solid critical thinking skills. Give your opinion on whether or not you believe that individuals can increase their critical thinking skills. If you believe that they can, explain certain steps that individuals can take to improve this skill.


“Understanding Barriers to Our Own Thinking” Please respond to the following:

  • From the Website, select one (1) topic of your choice and read the Pro section and the Con section on the selected topic. Next, choose three (3) reasons listed under the Pro section and three (3) reasons listed under the Con section. Based on the biases discussed in Chapter 2 and the reasons presented at the website:
    • State your position on the selected topic. Determine the biases you experienced as you examined the reasons for and against your position.
    • Describe your reaction to your experience of these biases.

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