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I need an article review for this article in the topic, it must be minimum one page, and maximum a page and a half. I will attach a pdf file of the article, and below ill list the review guidelines of the article.

Review Guidelines:


The student writer:


2. captures specific details from the text or video that relate to the opening sentence of the summary.

3. uses attribution throughout (attribution means attributing the ideas to the author/s, as in “In their TED talk, Lott and O’Toole tout the importance of play in scientific discovery. They define play as….”) — ALWAYS INTRODUCE THE SOURCE. DON’T WRITE “This article” BECAUSE THE WORD “THIS” DOES NOT PROVIDE A FRAME OF REFERENCE FOR YOUR READER.

4. quotes sparingly from the text being summarized (most of the writing in the summary is the student’s)

5. uses objective voice (does not insert personal opinion)

6. provides necessary but brief background information for the reader, such as the type of source (lecture, autobiography, letter, magazine article) and historical and geographical context (present day, pre-Civil War south, ancient Greece, etc).

7. explains ideas fully (does not leave the reader wondering what something means)

8. has few to no grammatical errors

9. uses consistent verb tense

10. uses active voice. If you are not sure what active voice means, see…

11. provides a Works Cited list in MLA

Article Link:…

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The readings and discussion for this module is setting the stage for two other upcoming modules: one on affirmative action, and another on interracial conflict/coalition, so keep that in mind as you are reading the articles, since some of the ideas will be revisited.

At this point, you should be familiar with the legislative goal of CA AB-1726(also read the fact sheet for more information), which was signed into law in 2016 after some debate. While the law seems to be fairly mundane, it tapped into some fault lines that exist within the Asian American community, as well as reflecting broader political debates along which those lines have been formed. First, read the overview of the debate by Chris Fuchs. As you are reading, pay attention to the tables and charts that are also presented. Then read the commentary by Jenn Fang upon the signing of the data disaggregation bill into law.

For your discussion: What are the arguments being made for and against the further disaggregation of Asian American communities when it comes to data collection? Who are its supporters and its opponents? Does having more information on individual communities constitute a form of discrimination that is ultimately harmful or beneficial to improve outcomes? Please be specific in your response.


legislative goal of CA AB-1726

As far as California state legislation can spark political debates and controversy, most people might not have heard about the politics around AB-1726 back when it was discussed in 2016 — better known as the Accounting for Health and Education in API Demographics (AHEAD) Act. Read the quick fact sheet as well. Excerpted below is the actual text of the bill (edited for brevity, although you are encouraged to read the full text itself). As you read through the excerpt, you should ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. What does the bill want to achieve?

2. Does anything about the bill strike you as controversial?

If this is your first time actually reading legal language, it may be a bit challenging. This is a very small excerpt, and again, I encourage you to read the entire legislative text if you have the chance:

“Existing law requires any state agency, board, or commission that […] collects demographic data as to the ancestry or ethnic origin of Californians to use separate collection categories […] for specified Asian groups and Pacific Islander groups, and requires a state agency, board, or commission to include data on specified collection categories and tabulations in every demographic report on ancestry or ethnic origins of California residents that it publishes or releases…

“This bill would require the updating of the reporting categories… The bill would require the State Department of Public Health to use the additional separate collection categories and other tabulations for specified Asian groups and Pacific Islander groups, and to take additional actions as specified above…

“… the state agencies described in subdivision (a) [Department of Industrial Relations, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and the State Department of Public Health] in the course of collecting demographic data directly or by contract as to the ancestry or ethnic origin of California residents, shall collect and tabulate data for the following:

(1) Additional major Asian groups, including, but not limited to, Bangladeshi, Hmong, Indonesian, Malaysian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Taiwanese, and Thai.

(2) Additional major Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander groups, including, but not limited to, Fijian and Tongan.”

If the main objective of the legislative text is to disaggregate (or, to “separate into smaller groups”) Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander groups into other ethnic components when it comes to data gathering by certain state agencies, what’s the problem?

And why would some Asian American groups be opposed to such legislation?

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Analyzing Modern-Day Issues: Africa, history homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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Analyzing Modern-Day Issues

Write an essay and make sure to read the directions below; do not forget to use supporting details in at least 350words and cite all sources that you use. You must successfully pass this essay to move onto the next lesson)

The African Environment

Modern Africans still face many of the same environmental issues that their ancestors dealt with thousands of years ago. Drought, overuse of land, and desertification are problems that affect the present-day Africa and determine the future of the continent.


  1. Research ways a current African ethnic group or country is struggling to survive in its environment. Then, write a short report of your findings. Your paper should be at least 350 words and must cite all of your sources.
  2. Describe the group or country and its current problems and indicate how the people are trying to solve them.
  3. Draw comparisons with problems Africans faced in the past.
  4. Write an expository essay using the MLA format.


  • Ethiopia 2002: BBC report on famine conditions in Ethiopia
  • Drought in Eastern Africa: Background information of the Eastern Africa drought that threatens millions of people with starvation.

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African American History – Excelsior Writers |
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“Coming to the Americas”

Please respond to the following question: (Note: Please respond to the following in at least 175 words.

Examine the extent to which the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai contributed to the development of West African and African- American history.

In your classmate response, support your response with two (2) examples of the cultural patterns of West African kingdoms that have reproduced themselves in America. 5 full sentences.

CLASSMATE RESPONSE: The West African kingdoms were advanced, very skilled and developed. Their state of civilization allowed trade to become part of their economy. They traded goods and valuable items with other regions and controlled the slave trade routes. The kingdoms not only traded goods but they also traded humans with Europeans during the slave trade. The slaves were traded to be sent to the Americas to rebuild or develop the American civilization, utilizing the same skills used in Africa. Due to slavery, the West Africans became the first African Americans.

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HLS350 Colorado State Antiterrorism and International Community Discussion – Excelsior Writers |
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Option #1: Antiterrorism and the International Community

Select an antiterrorism effort launched by the international community. Develop a paper describing those antiterrorism efforts and their effectiveness at stopping terrorism.

While developing your response, think about the concept of benchmarking. Benchmarking entails improvements through the adoption of best practices from others. For instance, Israel is one of the very best nations at airport security. What could the U.S. benchmark from Israel in that area?

Your 3 page paper must use at least two outside academic sources

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Diagnostic essay – Excelsior Writers |
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Hi, please read the description carefully. You will write 250 words responding to the prompt below.

This is a formal essay. While your tone should be appropriate for an academic audience, you may use first-person point-of-view if you want. Points for this essay are based on effort/completion. Do your best, but faithfully represent your skills as a writer. Don’t forget to put your name on your essay!

To complete the assignment, write a thesis-driven essay of at least three paragraphs and 250 words in response to the following prompt:

What is the biggest challenge that college students face in 2019? Has this always been a problem or is this a new issue? What do you feel has been the biggest contributor to this obstacle and why? What resources, if any, can students use to overcome this challenge?

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ENGL657 University Of California Narrative Activity – Excelsior Writers |
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Generate an activity that will help students draft nonfiction narratives such as personal essays or literacy narratives. For instance, guide students in generating ideas, producing a time expansion, writing a telling dialogue, creating a “thoughtshot” of one’s interior state, etc.

a. Create a handout for a narrative activity that you’d use with your students. Explain its larger context; that is, how will students use the material they produce? Include input–define terms, offer steps, outline strategies, provide space for students to write̶drawing on ideas from course readings. Provide whatever students need to complete the activity.

b. Complete the activity yourself, providing a sample that you could use as a model and testing out the activity.

c. Annotate the completed activity (as with inserted comments or Post-Its), pointing out at least three things you’d want students to notice and why, were you to share this sample.

d. Write a 2-page reflection commenting on the activity. Describe the process, the use, and the challenges. For instance, what does this activity achieve? what problems need you anticipate? how will you evaluate student work? where will this exercise lead? Most important, quote and provide in-text page citations from at least 3 course readings to justify your thinking about the exercise. Include an MLA works cited, please.

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South University WK4 Undercover Law Enforcement Officers Discussion Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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This week’s discussion will pick up on the topic of organized crime.

  • Some crime families have strict membership requirements, along ethnic lines. Is this something that is common among organized crime organizations, or is this just an Italian/Sicilian thing? Why would a criminal organization have such a strict rule about the ethnicity of its full members in the first place?
  • It’s not uncommon that a legitimate business will also facilitate criminal activity. For instance, consider a motel that charges by the hour, or an adult “book store” with private booths in the back. Is there a place in society for these kinds of businesses, or should the government use tools like civil forfeiture to shut them down? Explain your reasoning.
  • Undercover law enforcement officers investigating organized crime groups run the risk of being put in a position where they are expected to engage in illegal behavior in order to maintain their cover. Is there a problem with a law enforcement officer possibly breaking the law in order to maintain his or her cover? It would not be out of the ordinary for a motorcycle gang member to participate in a fight with a rival gang. Should an undercover officer jump into the fight and actually assault a member of the rival gang so that he is not suspected as an outsider? Discuss what limits, if any, you would impose.

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Creating a Privacy policy for officers and employees – Excelsior Writers |
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Minimum 5 pages with Introduction. Please see the attachment for example paper.

Your fictitious company must create a privacy policy document of at least five total pages.

The document shall include an introductory section, such as an “Executive Summary,” a “Preamble,” or an “Introduction.”

The document shall also include the policy statements.

The policies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. This is where the work comes in.

Your team needs to give evidence in the policy section of your knowledge gained in this course. In the assignment attachment, I describe the Course Paper requirements in a little more detail by using an acceptable format for your policy document. That attachment is not meant to be your template. Rather, it is designed merely to reflect what a successful policy document might look like in any given workplace.

You will see in that document that I simply tried to explain more about what the Course Paper should include by using a format that may help you understand how to organize your paper, and understand what features this governance document should include.

The Course Paper is worth 100 points. I will give up to ten points for the submission’s form and format. That includes its organization, page count and team size, and grammar and spelling. The form and format is important because if a policy document is disorganized, contains typographical errors, or is hard to read otherwise, employees will not respect or even use it as the guidance it is meant to be. Consider a numbering or another outline styled structure to identify policy clauses.

I will give up to ten additional points for the introductory section.

I will give up to 80 points for the policy statements. Questions I will have in mind when reviewing your policy statements include, Did the team incorporate what we’ve learned about privacy? Can the document be read and understood by all levels of an organization? Are the policies concise, or vague and wordy?

Have fun. Collaborate. Put together a document that would be useful to a real organization. Good Luck!

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Visual Sociology, writing homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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Respond to each question in two clear and concise paragraphs. Organization counts, so have an outline for each answer in mind before you begin writing. I am looking for demonstration of your ability to make sociological arguments with the material we read and discussed. You should refer to specific sources, though you do not need to provide citations to page numbers. You should not include quotations from the sources. Rather, you should identify the relevant material and express it in your own words. Our textbooks will include: A) Visual Sociology, by Douglas Harper. Routledge, 2012. [ISBN 978-0-415-77896-1]. B) Picturing the Social Landscape, edited by Caroline Knowles & Paul Sweetman. Routledge, 2004. [ISBN 0-415-30640-X]. C) Seeing Religion, edited by Roman R. Williams. Routledge, 2015. [ISBN 978-1138897809]. 1. What does Les Back mean by “listening with our eyes”? Compare two studies that engage with this idea. What does it tell us about the sociological content of images? 2. The essentialist view of photography holds that photographs have the property of verisimilitude. Compare two studies that challenge this notion of documentary images. 3. Identify one advantage of video (with respect to photography) in ethnography and compare two studies that demonstrate this advantage. 4. What is distinctive of a semiotic approach to visual sociology? Compare two studies that use semiotics to analyze visual data. 5. How can images be used to study social change? Compare two studies that use different methods to study social change. 6. How can images be used to study micro-sociological (social psychological) processes? Compare two studies that use different methods to study micro-sociological processes. 7. How can visual sociology be used to study religion in public? Compare two studies that use different methods to study religion in public. 8. How can visual sociology be used to study religious ritual? Compare two studies that use different methods to study religious ritual.

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