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If you had been in charge of establishing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), would you have included the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in DHS, or would you have retained it as an independent executive branch agency reporting directly to the president? What is one ramification of moving FEMA into DHS in terms of FEMA’s mission, programs, and reporting structure? Explain.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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Before completing this discussion, be sure to review Chapter 10 in your text and the Factors that Influence Sexual Orientation and Gender Socialization, videos. After examining the research in human development presented in your required resources, complete the following discussion:

Ideas and perceptions of gender and sexuality are strongly dependent on cultural factors and influences. Define gender and sexuality. What is the difference between the two? Describe the influences of culture on these aspects of human development.

In addition, examine how stereotypes and other cultural factors influence our perception of acceptable expressions of gender and sexuality. Give examples illustrating how a particular expression of gender or sexuality may be acceptable in one culture and unacceptable in another. Predict how the expression or repression of a person’s gender and/or sexuality may influence the person’s interpersonal development.

Your initial post must be at least 300 words and use a minimum of one scholarly source located in the Ashford University Library or on Google Scholar that is cited and referenced according to APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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AT least 350 words and 1 reference

Assignment 1: Using the First Person in Research Writing

The use of personal pronouns (I, my, or we) in scholarly writing is an area of great contention in academia. Some say that the use of personal pronouns is a way of asserting your writer’s voice. However, others will discount the use of personal pronouns as inappropriate.

Your course textbook (Ridley, 2008) suggests that one way to assert your writer’s voice is to use personal pronouns in your scholarly writings. Additionally, the APA Style Manual recommends using “I” rather than the third person. However, the use of personal pronouns is often discouraged in academic writings.

In this assignment, you will explore the pros and cons of using personal pronouns in research writing.


On the basis of the course readings and the literature that you have reviewed for this course, in a minimum of 200 words, post your responses to the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of using personal pronouns in scholarly writing?
  • Why would most academic institutions not permit the use of these pronouns?
  • Do you agree or disagree with this perspective that institutions hold? Why or why not?

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Complete a research essay on the government and national security. Remember this is being written for the president to read.

Terrorism, national defense, and border security are always hot topics. Here are the aspects and questions to address for this essay:

  1. Identify a current issue being debated about American national security.
  2. Explain two competing solutions to this problem.
  3. Evaluate which one is preferable.
  4. Address the responsibilities of each level of government, which are federal, state, and local. (Most of the essay will be about the federal government).


  • 350 word minimum length, not including references listed at the end or footnotes.
  • 2 credible online sources
  • Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution.
  • APA format
  • Plagiarism free
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    BSL4000 Keiser University Sexual Harassment Scenarios Discussion – Excelsior Writers |
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    What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

    According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. There are two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo, which means “this for that,” involves a person with power over someone else who uses that power to either benefit or harm a person based on his or her willingness to participate in or tolerate some form of sexual behavior. A hostile work environment exists when an individual is exposed to conduct that is sexual in nature, severe and/or pervasive, and unwelcome or unwanted; a power imbalance may or may not exist.

    Assignment: Read each scenario below, and then in an APA formatted Word Document explain each scenario and determine whether each constitutes sexual harassment, and explain why or why not. Be sure to utilize what you have learned about sexual harassment this week, and cite your sources and list your references.

    SCENARIO ONE Mary and Bill work in the same department and have known each other for over a year. Mary and Bill are friendly, but nothing romantic has occurred between them. One day, Mary asks Bill if he would like to go out after work.

    SCENARIO TWO Charles is attracted to his coworker, Shelly, but Shelly is unaware of the attraction. He tells her one morning, “You look really nice today.”

    SCENARIO THREE At a company party, employees are called up individually to receive year-end bonuses. Susan is shocked to discover that whereas the men in her department receive cash, she and her female coworkers receive flowers.

    SCENARIO FOUR Adam and a coworker are looking at a sexually explicit Web site. Someone walks in and sees the Web site. That person is offended and reports the incident to Adam’s supervisor, who never tells Adam about the complaint. The person walks into Adam’s office three more times in the next several months and again sees sexually explicit material on Adam’s screen. The person never tells Adam that he is offended.

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    CJA335 University of Phoenix Statistics in Criminal Justice Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that either supports or refutes statistical data as a means of supporting criminal justice policy. Remember to back up your argument with factual, peer-reviewed references.

    Include at least two peer reviewed references.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.

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    LOS345 University of Southern Maine Freedom Writers Film Analysis Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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    I have uploaded the requirements for the paper. It can be on any film or on Lincoln, Selma, Erin Brochovich, Dead Poets Society, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Hidden Figures, Elizabeth, Freedom Writers

    I think you have everything it needs to be 2-3 pages not including the reference page.

    Thank You

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    Analyzes of two movies, film homework help – Excelsior Writers |
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    I dont want a summery of those two movie must be discussion, comparison, similarities between them.

    Prof instruction:

    Your essay does not need to be long – no more than 600 words is fine. Please be specific and clear in your reply. Please analyze the films you discuss – do not recap or retell the film. I have already seen the films, so please only discuss the details relevant to your essay.

    A complete essay will have a “thesis” statement or position that will be argued or positioned, and will use clear, specific evidence throughout, analyzing that evidence.

    – Choose two films we’ve watched in class – specifically, your favorite film and your least favorite. Analyze them in relationship to one another. Which of the films challenged you more? What are the artistic, cultural, or thematic connections between the two films? Note: A successful essay of this topic will evaluate both films as equals – you are not making a judgment of quality between them – ie, you aren’t telling me why one is good and the other is not good. Instead, you are exploring the aesthetic or cultural relationships between them as objects of culture and cinema. That they are connected, or are not connected is not interesting or valuable in an analysis. Treat both critically and analyze their connections.

    I picked those two movies: La Haine (Kassovitz 1995), and A Summer at La Goulette (Boughedir 1996).

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    LE300R Park University Combined Theory Paper – Excelsior Writers |
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    Class – here are the instructions for the combined paper on the Philosophy of Humor (the Ethics part of the course) and the Psychology of Humor.

    Because this assignment combined two papers formerly worth 95 points each, the point value is now 150 for the combined paper. The remaining 40 points will be added to the final Core Assessment Paper.


    Using the readings, lectures, classroom discussions and video presentations, create a short (minimum of four pages) paper in your own words and discuss the following:

    Your understanding of the theories in Morreall’s Comic Relief book and your understanding of the theories and issues related to humor in the readings we have covered thus far in Martin’s Psychology of Humor book.

    Discuss how the theories and readings compare with each other (how they are similar) and how they contrast with each other.

    This paper should NOT be a movie review or a review of another commercial comedy product. You may use short (very short) references to movies or real life examples to illustrate a point, but devote the majority of your writing to the concepts of the theories. Do not use phrases like “box-office hit,” or “blockbuster movie,” or other phrases resembling movie reviews.

    The paper must have at least four full pages of essay.

    Criteria for Grading


    Paper is at least 4 or more pages long, not counting a cover sheet, abstract, or reference pages, and addresses all elements of the assignment.


    Clearly describes theories and issues of humor in own words (not copied from lecture, books or other sources).


    Compares and contrasts philosophy (ethics) and psychology theories with each other and demonstrates familiarity with course reading assignments.


    Paper demonstrates critical thinking and the writing is interdisciplinary, integrated, and cohesive.


    The writing is original, grammatically correct, and follows standard language usages and conventions.


    Total Possible Points


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    Columbia Southern University Police and Community Relations Discusion – Excelsior Writers |
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    To assist you in gaining a new or enhanced understanding of how community policing is defined in your community, you will need to complete a scholarly activity that examines four areas: policing eras, citizen-police interactions, international policing, and best practices.

    Each area should be labeled as indicated below.

    • Policing Eras: Discuss how community policing is defined in your community. This section should be at least 200 words.
    • Citizen-Police Interactions: Discuss how the understanding of the community policing definition in your community will be helpful in fostering and facilitating positive interactions between citizens and law enforcement agencies in your community. Also, examine the impact of excessive force by police in your community. If there is not any record of the use of excessive force by police in your community, discuss what measures have been taken to prevent it from happening. This section should be at least 200 words.
    • International Policing: Discuss how well you think the community policing strategies serve and protect your community in comparison to other international community policing strategies. Explain how the United States Constitution makes law enforcement in the United States different from law enforcement in other countries. This section should be at least 200 words.
    • Best Practices: Based on your research, discuss at least two community policing practices that you believe would allow your local law enforcement to better serve and protect. These practices could include current community policing strategies utilized in your community, additional strategies that you think could be incorporated into the existing community, and/or community policing strategies that have never been used in your community but have been utilized in other communities and/or countries or are inspired by similar community policing strategies. This section should be at least 200 words.

    To complete this assignment, you should utilize not only your textbook, but also two outside sources. These could include your local newspaper, CSU Online Library, and/or an informational interview with a community stakeholder (e.g., individuals in community organizations, law enforcement). The completed assignment should be at least two double- spaced pages. Additionally, this assignment should be in full APA format, hence citations and references should be included.

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