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Brandi is a 22- year-old, Caucasian, senior at a small college where her father is a professor of psychology. She has been referred by the school psychologist who is a friend of her father; she’s unsure why this referral has been made.
Brandi reports that she went through a “horrible depression” during the past winter and has been a little down here and there, but now she is feeling fantastic.
She presents colorfully dressed, upbeat, smiling and laughing. When asked about this very upbeat mood, she says that she has just maxed out her credit card at the mall and is just experiencing a shopping “high.”
When asked why she thinks she was referred to the school psychologist, Brandi says that people are not accustomed to dealing with someone as happy as her. She also rather sheepishly reports that she got a little out of control at a recent party. She is not sure if it was the alcohol, the marijuana, the pill her friend gave her, or the fact that she had gone several days without sleep.
She holds up her hand as if in court and promises not to use the pills again, but says that she finds it silly to give up marijuana when it is becoming legal. She uses marijuana in the evenings to help her relax from “being fabulous.” Brandi also reports that she rarely drinks; however, when she does drink, she usually passes out.


Analyze her symptoms. Once you have settled on a diagnosis, draw up an individualized treatment plan. Discuss treatment modalities that are appropriate for treating those with a co-occurring mental disorder or disability. How can you apply stage-wise treatment to Brandi’s crisis?

Be sure to support this Discussion with academic support from the DSM-5, the text, and at least one outside source (be sure it is a scholarly source).

The body of your expository paper should be at least 3 pages in length:

  • Writing is to be logical, well-ordered, and insightful
  • Use APA formatting and citation guidelines
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double spaced and use Standard American English
  • Include three to five scholarly peer-reviewed references

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