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I have chosen 4 people within my community that I consider fairly powerful: 1. Mayor- Chockwe Antar Lumumba 2. Sheriff- Victor Mason 3. Judge- Bill Skinner 4. Superintendent- Dr. Errick L. Greene.

The assignment is to provide sources that support my claim that these individuals are in fact the most powerful. I am supposed to provide a phrase or short sentence describing who the person is and what he or she does and their basis of power.

  1. Legitimate – This comes from the belief that a person has the formal right to make demands, and to expect others to be compliant and obedient.
  2. Reward – This results from one person’s ability to compensate another for compliance.
  3. Expert – This is based on a person’s high levels of skill and knowledge.
  4. Referent – This is the result of a person’s perceived attractiveness, worthiness and right to others’ respect.
  5. Coercive – This comes from the belief that a person can punish others for noncompliance.

Six years later, Raven added an extra power base:

  1. Informational – This results from a person’s ability to control the information that others need to accomplish something.

Site sources & for each source note why it is relevant.

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