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Things to focus on on this draft:

Type of assignment: Please remember that in your second essay you are making an argument for the addition of or removal of one specific required course class for your major. You are not arguing for both the addition and removal of classes. To reiterate, your augment must be about one specific major required class–not more than one class. Additionally, you are not making an argument in general about what type of classes should or should not be taught. Again, your aurgment must be about one specific major required class–not more than one class.

Thesis for the assignment: You are making an argument about your major–not just an argument about what would be better for you. Consider the students in your major as you revise your essay and possibly your thesis. I could offer the following thesis for the addition of a class in composition and rhetoric students:

Although the writing studies major allows students the to take an elective teacher training course, a teaching practicum should be a required class for the major because the bulk of students in the graduate program major have become and continue to become teachers. A required teaching practicum would make graduates more marketable upon graduation because they would have experience teaching in a university setting while also developing their pedagogical skills.


Essay Question:

Have you ever thought about how you could improve your major? Perhaps you have taken a required class for your major that you found did not best serve the overall major or you may have wished that a class was required for the major because it would better prepare students in your major for their future professions.

In an essay of 800 words argue for the addition or deletion of a required class for your major (in my case, my major is Bachelor in music at CSU East Bay in California, USA) (e.g., not general education requirements and so on). To support your argument, use two relevant sources, such as your department’s website/handbook. Keep in mind that you will enhance or detract from your own ethos based upon the sources you choose. You might find it useful to consider what sources will help you best support your claim–your thesis. Would a journal article, for example, best help you, or would a course catalog from another university best support your claim? You will need a works cited (MLA) for this paper. If you are unsure about a source, please check with me. You may not use Wikipedia or equivalent sources for this essay.

This is a thesis driven essay. I encourage you to use a “because clause” for your provisional thesis because doing so will help you use a claim and reason in your thesis. Be sure to explain and support your reasons while also giving details about the class you would add or delete so that a reader outside your discipline will understand what the class is about and how it relates to the major. It is important to remember that you are not making an argument only about what would be best for you. Your argument is about what would best serve the students in your major in terms of deleting or adding a required major course.

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