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For each assignment, you will take one to three photographs to illuminate a course theme of your choosing. If you’re not familiar with PhotoVoice, think Humans of New York. This assignment gives you the opportunity to investigate how the social determinants of health play out in your own life and in your own community.

(1)Write and submit a short paragraph (five to 10 sentences) describing your photographs, explaining what course theme the photographs describe and how your photographs illuminate the social determinants of health.

(2)write and submit a short paragraph that responds to one classmate’s post

(3) Please note that, for each PhotoVoice assignment, you must choose a different course theme.

In other words, over the course of the quarter, you must submit PhotoVoice assignments that represent five different course themes

please note you still need to reply the post uploaded as picture.

Discussion 3

Use the City Health Dashboard (https://www.cityhealthdashboard.com (Links to an external site.)) to explore the health of the city where you live. Enter your city and then choose two health outcomes as your “metric”. Then enter another city that you’re familiar with and choose the same two health outcomes. Describe the similarities and differences across cities. Why might these similarities and differences exist?

(use the city Irvine and santa ana)

Discussion 4

Pick a social determinant of health that is not described in your textbook. That is, pick a social factor besides socioeconomic status, age, gender, or race. Describe how that social factor may be associated with health.

for the discussion 4’s post that need to be replied will be upload later.

and here is the feedback for last week’s discussion post

Need to reference course content more and talk a little more in depth – rather than most of your response being personal examples

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