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Compare and contrast two treatments for abnormal behavior (Family Therapy and psychotropic medication therapy).

In your essay, be sure to include the following:

-Discuss the main points/concepts for the treatments selected.

– Discuss the similarities and differences of the two treatment models.

– Examine the strengths and weaknesses for each treatment.

– What does the research say regarding which disorders/symptoms have been shown to be successfully treated with each treatment method?

– Part of obtaining Informed Consent requires the therapist to explain the risks and benefits of treatment. Discuss the risks and benefits of each therapy as you would when obtaining Informed Consent.

– Finally, based on your review of the two treatment approaches, which treatment is the most effective and/or comprehensive. Support your rationale.

Your assignment should be at least 500 words, and you need at least four resources (two for each treatment) for your assignment.

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