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Answer Question 1, and then choose an additional question to answer. Please answer carefully and correct.

Question 1: Elvis Presley was the most popular artist rock and roll artist of the 1950’s, even though he did not write any of his own songs. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, & Buddy Holly wrote rock n’ roll classics that defined the genre. In your opinion, which of these artists was most significant to the development of rock n’ roll? Why? What artist stuck out to you the most in Unit 3 and what makes them remarkable to you?

Choose one below:

Question 2: Why was youth culture important to rock and roll? What were some of the elements of youth culture in the 1950’s?

Question 3: What role was played by radio and record labels in the birth of rock and roll? What was the payola scandal and why was it important?

Question 4: What is the difference between cover and crossover? What roles did they play in early rock and roll? What important debates surround this?

Question 5: Why are Pat Boone and Bill Haley particularly representative of the “whitening” of rhythm and blues? How was this significant to the development of rock and roll?

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