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Agreement and Tense Shift Quiz

Underline the subject and verb in each of the following sentences, then revise the sentences to correct problems with subject/verb agreement and tense shifts. If a sentence is correct, mark it “C.”

Hint: It may help to enclose all prepositional phrases in parentheses.

1. All of us often disguises our real feelings.

2. The chief reasons for the country’s high unemployment rate has been the attempts to bring inflation under control.

3. Three lion cubs romp at the zoo.

4. After she leaves the house, Janice walked to the corner store.

5. Each of the campers are responsible for bringing cooking utensils.

6. Peter listened to the radio while he prepares for work.

7. Each of us decide whom we will trust.

8. Everyone need someone to talk to.

9. Pieces of the computer lay all over Rick’s family room.

10. Physical education requirements for college students is a complete waste of time.

11. Young people in the 60s demanded a religion that calls for a simple, clean, and serene life.

12. Just when Kathy thought her homework was finished, she remembers she had history questions to answer.

13. The carpet delivery service are going to call today.

14. Tell your sister that my favorite band is playing at the club downtown.

15. As Sue collects her clubs and new golf balls, she thought how difficult this tournament would be.

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