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Case Study 2

Hey there, this is a case study that I have provided all information for below. I will also attach a sample once I have chosen a tutor and I can provide any information that is needed IF I HAVE IT!

These assignments are designed to provide you an opportunity to think about how you would handle specific public administration issues. There is no right or wrong answer for the assignments, per se. Your memo should have the following sections:

  • Central Issue
  • Major Factors in Development of Policy/Management Problem
  • Alternatives for Resolving the Problem
  • Author’s Recommended Solution and Rationale
  • Lessons for Public Administration

Grades will be determined on:

  • Ability to present the relevance of the case, main facts, key issues, theoretical relationships, and practical lessons;
  • Ability to adequately address the five sections;
  • Ability to support your arguments; and
  • Ability to write in a professional fashion.

Case Study #2: HKS 1843.0 (Hurricane Katrina: Preparing for “The Big One” in New Orleans)

This case tells the story of the lead-up to the storm, detailing the plans that officials would draw on to prepare for the hurricane’s onslaught, the steps that were taken to evacuate and shelter hundreds of thousands of residents in metropolitan New Orleans, and the communications among different agencies and levels of government as the storm drew near; it shows officials concerned about the effects of the hurricane, but confident that their preparations were commensurate with the challenges that Katrina would pose. The case asks readers to consider why local, state, and federal governments all proved unready to respond effectively to a catastrophic event which had been long predicted.

Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 the government has shifted the focus of many agencies towards terrorism. The reorganization of many agencies into the newly formed Department of Homeland Security has changed the operational structure with which many have been accustomed. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has asked you to form a work group to explain what some of the problems with DHS’s structure that were prevented it from helping Louisiana and the surrounding states prepare for hurricane Katrina.

Recommended questions to address or to consider:

  1. What actions were taken by local, state and federal agencies to prepare for Katrina? Was DHS involved in these? Were they prevented from being involved?
  2. How had FEMA’s role and resources changed since becoming part of DHS?
  3. How could FEMA have been better able to assist in preparations?
  4. What organizational changes in DHS and FEMA would allow for better preparation in the future?

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