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For this discussion, refer to the two articles, one qualitative and one quantitative, that you found in the Capella library. Use the Article Analysis Worksheet (given in the resources) to prepare for this discussion. Create a narrative summary of the articles based on information gleaned using the worksheet.

Discuss the different sections of each article with regard to how they fit into the required sections of an APA-style research paper:

  • Introduction.
  • Literature Review.
  • Methodology.
  • Results.
  • Discussion.

Did each article have each of these sections? What sort of information was found in each? Were there differences in the type of information found in the two different articles, or the way it was presented?

Note: Use the Article Analysis Worksheet to prepare your discussion post but do not post the worksheet to your discussion thread. Instead, use the information you gain in the analysis to craft a narrative of the findings to post to the discussion.

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