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Identify an area of life that has an impact on the environment (including non-human animals), and explain how the possession or lack of virtue may make a difference to how one conducts oneself within that practice with respect to that environmental impact. In other words, when it comes to our relation to the environment, what attitudes and behaviors would be characteristic of a virtuous person, and what attitudes and behaviors may be characteristic of a person who lacks the virtues?

How can those who do not have the virtues develop those virtues so that they can reliably act and feel in appropriate fashion with respect to this issue? Be sure to be as specific as possible in your analysis, and support your analysis with evidence from the week’s readings and media, including Hill’s article, “Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments”.

As always, be sure to first explain the views of the philosopher (in this case that’s Aristotle and Hill), and then to present your views by way of comparison with those.

work count = 600

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