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Aristotle’s account of leading a good life aligns with my own account. You truly can’t be happy unless your needs are satisfied by doing things that are considered good by others as well.

He begins with stating that for everything we do it should be to achieve something else. Not only for our own sake that is visible, but instead an end that is good for all. He goes on to state that the end good for all is simply, happiness.

He also goes on to denounce sacrificing the visible sake of superficial happiness such as wealth and friends, as they are also good and are useful to help in the greater good also.

In my own opinion, he was spot on with my own version of ethics. This starting chapter would serve well on its own and can be seen plenty in everyday life. People obtain wealth and friendships, as Aristotle said they should but we also see people using that wealth and influence to help others such as charities, research, and continuous education to better themselves and others to achieve happiness. In short, it is what I believe our founding fathers meant by the American dream.

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