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Each class member is responsible for reading and reviewing one article from a scholarly journal (e.g., you may use an article from your group presentation research (which is Medical Debts) , but group members cannot submit the same article). Appropriate chapters from a scholarly book may also be reviewed. Internet sources, which produce information other than web-available journals, are NOT acceptable for this assignment. Consult the word document on Blackboard regarding article reviews for detailed information on acceptable sources and content of the review. Article review topics will be those covered in the corresponding group presentation. Your reviews will be 2 pages in length, and submitted on Blackboard by the date/time indicated in the syllabus. All reviews must be carefully written, adhere to a professional writing style, and typed (double-spaced) in 10 or 12 pitch font, with 1-1.5″ margins. Twenty points will be subtracted from your earned (article review) grade for each day( 24hours) — including weekends — that you are late in submitting an article review. Any review that includes more than 3 lines of direct quotation (of ANY length — i.e., whether 3 separate quotes or one long one) will receive a 10 point deduction from its earned grade. Extensions for any article review will be issued no later than one week before the assignment’s due date. Students who request extensions after the stipulated date will receive extensions only if they meet University terms for granting of Incompletes (e.g., can document illness or other personal business that caused failure to complete the assignment). The instructor reserves the right to require students to supply a copy of the article/chapter used for purposes of the article review before a final grade is assigned. Article reviews based upon unacceptable sources (e.g., newspaper, popular magazine) will earn, at most, 10 points.

Guidelines and Rubric for the article are uploaded below:

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