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JOURNAL PROMPT: When we think of Picasso, we think of Cubism and paintings. This virtual exhibition, however, focuses on Picasso’s drawings, prints, illustrated books, and various other media. His illustrated books are especially interesting because they connect narrative content to Picasso’s prints, many of which would otherwise remain illegible. In your journal entry, be sure to focus on works in this exhibition, most of which you will have never seen prior to taking this unique virtual tour.

Choose 2 examples from the virtual tour. Discuss the following in your entry. You can copy the sections below and answer beneath each section if that will help you stay organized.

  • How do these works communicate meaning? What do they mean to you?
  • Why did Picasso use so many different media over the span of his career?
  • What problems what he trying to solve?
  • Ask and answer your own questions – what do you think?
  • Cite an academic source (see VTJE general instructions). Use the library, find a scholarly article; no websites, no tour site, no textbook or Bible.

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