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1. Review the following:

A.) Census report: Overview of Hispanic Community in Maryland

B.) Supplementary source (for more ideas):

Hispanics Pump up Maryland and Virginia Populations

2. Write an analysis drawing supporting evidence from the report. Cite and reference sources. Restrict yourself to the chapter reading and the weblinks provided. Submit your assignment using the Assignment 3.4 — Essay 2 link below. Answer the following questions in your analysis:

Census Classification

  • Why does the Census Bureau classify Hispanics as an ethnic group in the U.S.?
  • Identify and explain 3 characteristics of Hispanics as an ethnic group.

Population Trends

  • Which county in Maryland experienced the highest growth in the Latino population?
  • Identify and explain 2 factors accounting for the upsurge in the Latino population in Maryland.

Socioeconomic Status of Hispanics

  • What is the median income of Hispanics in the State of Maryland? Identify and explain 2 reasons why the median income is higher compared to other states in the Northeast region?
  • Examine the Hispanic median income in the contexts of a) educational attainment b) occupation

Cultural Assimilation

  • Anti-immigration movements claim that Hispanic immigrants do not want to learn English and to assimilate into the U.S. Provide a supporting evidence of why this claim is false.
  • Identify and explain 3 of the initiatives to integrate and to assimilate Hispanic immigrants to the State of Maryland.

Future Role of Hispanics

  • Given the household size and age sub-groups, what do you foresee to be the future roles of Hispanics in Prince George’s County in the next 20 years (if the trend continues)?

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