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Assignment Instructions

Create your own arthropod or arthropod-inspired product by drawing from your knowledge and understanding of arthropod biology and behavior. This assignment is two parts: conducting an interview AND responding to Discussion Board prompt. Follow all steps below.

  1. Download, open, and read documents. Work directly on the Interview Questions document.
  2. Watch the BBC documentary with someone else (see assignment instructions) and complete assignment document.
  3. Upload assignment under Assignment Submission: Eating Insects Assignment by deadline. (20 points possible)
  4. Respond to Discussion board prompt: “Can Eating Insects Save the World? ” by deadline AND respond to TWO classmates’ posts (10 points possible).

Interview Assignment Rubric

‘A’ work: students will fully respond to each question with exceptional critical thinking.This means expounding thoughts beyond ‘I agree/disagree’. Responses will include supportive information to communicate thought/reasoning/argument/or perspective. I want to know the WHY behind your answer, not just a ‘yes/no’. These responses will also have minimal to no English or grammar errors.

‘B’ work: students will respond to each question, but not clearly expand their thoughts and ideas with critical thinking. This means expounding thought beyond ‘I agree/disagree’ responses with minimal supportive information. These responses will leave me hanging- they will not show me much about your thought process. These responses will have minimal grammar and English errors.

‘C and D’ work: students provide minimal responses without expanding thought. Example response: Yes, I do agree. (This response does not communicate critical thinking. These responses are fillers, and do not communicate much thought behind your answer. These responses will have many grammar and English errors.)


  1. antARKTV. “Can Eating Insects Save the World – BBC.” YouTube. YouTube, 27 Mar. 2013.

The files is on the pdf.

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