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1. Can depression be diagnosed with a brain scan (by looking at the size of the hippocampus, for example)? (1 point)

Questions 2-5: For each symptom of depression listed below, indicate whether it would be considered emotional, somatic, or cognitive. (1 point each)

a) emotional b) somatic c) cognitive

2. Sleep-related issues such as insomnia or hypersomnia

3. Depressed mood

4. Appetite changes

5. Difficulty concentrating

Questions 6-9: Are the symptoms of schizophrenia listed below considered “positive” or “negative” symptoms? (1 point each)

a) positive b) negative

6. Flat affect

7. Hallucinations

8. Delusions

9. Lack of self-directed behavior

10. What is the typical function of the pathway in which cells project from the ventral tegmental area (VTA) onto cells in the nucleus accumbens? (1 point)

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