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#1: For this question, you need to try an experiment. The idea behind it comes from the author’s explanation that “the body situates knowledge,” and that “perspective can change as the body moves.” (p. 126)

Here’s the experiment: As you are reading the essays for this week, pay attention to your body. Notice whether you are sitting uncomfortably in a hard backed chair, for example, or lying down on your bed. Are you hungry? tired? anxious? does any part of your body hurt? When you stay in one position for a long time in order to read, do you feel restless? What happens if you stand up and stretch, or jog in place, or close your eyes and breathe deeply? 

What can you notice about the connection between your body and your mind? Do you normally think of your body and mind as separate? (…by the way…if you already read this week’s essays, read or do homework for another class, and do the same experiment….)

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