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1. Exploring Klein’s reasoning together, for this forum, please state one argument that Klein makes and share at least two of her reasons (give page numbers so we can follow your ideas). In your replies to two other students’ posts, state whether you think the student has made a solid claim about identifying an argument in THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

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7. Be kind, respectful, and curious toward other students.

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Lyqu Zhong

Basically, Klein states that people who deny climate change are conservative white man, and they seem like make more money than others. Also, they have highly confidence in their opinions, and they don’t believe that they are wrong(46).It’s because their economic and social rights make them more sanguine about their contrarian false views of risks of climate change(47). Another reason why the deniers confirm strongly their belief is that even they are wrong about climate change there is nothing wealthy people can do with a few degrees of warming.(47)

Ryan Quadros

In Chapter 1, Section: About That Money Naomi Klein brings up an interesting point to why many big conservative corporations deny climate change. Whether conservatives deny climate change as a whole or believe that the issues of the world aren’t man-made, it all comes down to one characteristic: Greed. The problem with these multi-billion dollar companies and their denial of global warming is “dark money”- funds from conservative foundations that cannot be fully traced.” (p. 44) In short, those who benefit and make money off of what is causing global warming, are ultimately going to deny that it even exists to continue making millions. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” (p.46) -Upton Sinclair

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