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Utilizing the film, Cruise Inc., Big Money on The High Seas and the Interview with Richard Branson, answer the following questions. Paper should be 3.5 pages in length, double spaced, 1 inch margins, font Arial or Times New Roman and a pitch size of 12 Cruise Branson #1 Branson #2

  1. How would you measure productivity at NCL? Is productivity measurement important to NCL? Be very specific with your response. Try to determine the implications of any productivity measure that you propose.
  1. Describe the service package offered by NCL to its customers. Visit the “Life Onboard” section of several cruise line websites and the insight provided by the film, “Cruise Inc” to gain a better understanding of service packages offered by cruise lines.
  1. Capacity planning is obviously very important in this industry. Discuss your ideas on how you would think NCL conducts this important functions and also the steps they would take to maximize capacity as well as the steps when capacity exceeds demand.
  1. Discuss some of the factors that affect the supply chain of NCL and some of the things they may do in order to address those factors.
  1. What are Virgin’s competitive priorities and how do you believe they follow these priorities? Do you think his stance on 1st offenders has an impact on Virgin’s competitive priorities? Describe what should be in the service package so that it aligns with the company’s emphasized competitive priorities.
  1. Define 3 Operational concepts discuss during the course and how they relate to the Virgin Brand.

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