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Please read the Blakey v. Continental Airlines case. You will note that the court did not squarely answer the question about Continental’s liability for what happened in “the forum”. However, the court did comment on the use of electronic forums and other new technologies and did comment on the rules about when a company is responsible for what its employees do. What do you think about this case? Do you think that Continental should be responsible for the harm caused to Tammy Blakey in the discussion forum? What legal claims could apply to her case against the pilots and to her case against Continental? Simply answer the questions.

Now that you have watched the TED talks posted in Week 8, please share your reflections on the following questions. Read the comments of your peers in your small group and please respond to at least one. This extra credit is worth up to 2 points.

1. What is your ideal workplace? Describe how it will feel to work there.

2. What assumptions do we make about each other and on what basis? How do those assumptions get in the way of us being in “right” (healthy) relationships with others?

3. How might our biases contribute to workplace culture? What have you learned in your other classes (management, psychology, other humanities) that connects to this question about workplace culture?

4. Do you think our biases and assumptions impact our legal responsibilities? How?

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