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1. After a careful reading of/listening to Book 1 of Augustine’s Confessions, respond thoughtfully, analytically and in some depth, in giving us what you find most interesting/illuminating about it.

2. Select one of Aquinas’s proofs for God. Explain it in your own words (as if to someone unfamiliar with it). Respond analytically, critically and thoughtfully.


The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy – Saint Augustine of Hippo

Confessions/Book 1

Augustine’s Confessions/Book 1

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy – Saint Thomas Aquinas

“Five Proofs of the Existence of God” by Saint Thomas Aquinas

In this, you will find how Greek and other Ancient Philosophies came into Western Thought, with Augustine and Aquinas.

We will explore how these Christian clerics who lived so many hundreds of years after Plato and Aristotle made the latters’ Philosophies compatible with a religious culture very different from that of Ancient Greece.

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