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Both of Rene Descartes and David Hume are two most philosophers of epistemology. Descartes believed that no question was too difficult to discover by his means.Hume later contradicted the theory of Descartes by ignoring his method of thinking, and claiming that people learn through perceptions.These perceptions can be from one of two categories: impressions or ideas. He said that impressions are what gave us the ability to have ideas. Hume also believed that since everyone has different impressions, no one is alike.

I like the writing of Hume more because it is offers more realistic approach. Hume said that this reason developed from experience could be separated into two areas. One is relations of ideas, or things such as mathematics and logic, which can be considered certain because it just relates ideas to one another. Hume says, Propositions of this kind are discover able by the mere operation of thought (Hume 71). The other one is matters of fact, or reasoning gained from perceptions. It is based on the idea of cause and effect; if we see something happen after something enough times, we call it the effect and the former the cause. However, Hume is quick to point out that the conclusions we draw from our perceptions are not necessarily true. He says, The contrary of every matter of fact is still possible (Hume 71). He makes the example that we cannot be sure that the sun will rise tomorrow, even though it has every other day of our life. Because of this claim, he believed that obtaining real knowledge was impossible.

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