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Read the article linked below and asnwer all of the questions. Reply to this thread to answer.

1) What is the author’s purpose? Is the author arguing a point? Bringing awareness to a problem? Trying to make sense of an experience? Calling people to action?

2) Who is the intended audience? To whom does the author seem to be writing?

3) What are the author’s claims? What claims and what kind of claims does the author make?

4) What kinds of evidence are used? Scientific data, anecdotes, personal experience?

5) Find examples of each of the following appeals the author uses:

Ethos: Appeals to credibility. Notice how the author tries to persuade readers by establishing his/her credibility.
Logos: Appeals to logic. Notice how the author uses the logic of his argument or his claims to persuade readers.
Pathos: Appeals to emotions. Notice how the author tries to persuade readers by engaging their emotions

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