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Please see the bottom of page 146 – top of page 147, Task 4.7, in the Activities section of Chapter 4.

  • Read the assignment carefully.
  • You will be doing this assignment on your own, rather than as a member of a team.

Please complete the following tasks:

  1. Read the e-mail message contained in 4.7 carefully.
  2. Identify the writer’s purpose–what is she trying to accomplish?
  3. List the problems presented by the writer’s style, tone, and lack of audience awareness.
    • These problems produce a huge obstacle to achieving the purpose of the e-mail.
  4. Re-write the email message, so that the new version reflects a more audience-centered, courteous, and professional approach, while still achieving its important purpose.
    • Limit your assignment to one page!
    • Your email should NOT be a “rough draft.”
      • Rather, it should be as near to complete as possible and should be a document you would give to your supervisor to review.

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