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Please review the “Politics” video by Tom Peters assigned in your Reading before posting to this week’s Discussion.

Post a response that addresses the following questions. Keep in mind that you may also need to integrate your textbook and other research to fully explore these topics.

  • Peters makes several thought provoking statements about the nature of politics within the organization. Reflecting on this video, how do you assess his key point(s)? Do you agree or disagree? How does Peters’s point of view align with your own professional experiences?
  • Chapter 8 of your text lists five key bases of power — legitimate, reward, coercive, referent, and expert. Choose one of the five types which you see as particularly valuable or useful — especially as it relates to your leadership style. Discuss its value within the nonprofit organization. Provide an example of how your chosen base of power can be used for the good of the organization.

Read the following chapters in your text:

TEXTBOOK INFORMATION Title: Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations Edition: 4th (2015) Author: Robert B. Denhardt, Janet V. Denhardt, and Maria P. Aristigueta Publisher: Sage Book ISBN: 9781483359298 Ebook ISBN: 9781506318233

  • Chapter 7: “Leadership in Public Organizations”
  • Chapter 8: “Power and Organizational Politics”

Watch the following brief video (less than 2 minutes) called “Politics” by Tom Peters (you will refer to this video in your Discussion post this week):

Tom Peters (Producer). (2002). Politics [Web Video]. Retrieved from

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