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This assignment has three parts:

Part 1: Written post (1-2 paragraphs) on analyzing the policing styles used by SVSU PD.

Part 2: Written Post (1 paragraph) on the necessary qualities vs. ideal qualities of a police officer.

Part 3: Annotated Bibliography Practice Entry #3


Based on the materials below, answer each of the following questions in a written post (Use paragraphs, general essay format. You may use numbering to keep the points straight if needed).

Use examples drawn from the readings. Please cite (use page numbers) where you are referring back to the information using the in-text parenthetical citation format for APA 6th edition.

  • Example: (Cole, Smith & DeJong, 2016, p. 153)
  1. Examine the SVSU monthly crime reports for at least two consecutive months (ex: August/September, or March/April, etc.) http://www.svsu.edu/universitypolice/monthlycrimereports/
  2. Provide a correctly formatted end reference citation for the SVSU Police department website.
  3. Based on the types of crimes reported and their disposition, explain which of the three styles of policing in James Q. Wilson’s model appear to the most prominently used by the SVSU PD.
  4. In your answer, define each of the three styles and explain which crimes listed in the reports you examined match the styles.
  5. Examine crime reports from your hometown or community where you have spent a majority of your time (a place you know well). Which of the three styles are in your community?
    1. Provide at least one example of a crime from the most recent reports in your community to help illustrate the style you are writing about.
  6. How do communities influence police policy and police styles? Use a different example from the SVSU PD crime reports and your own town’s crime reports to illustrate your answer.


  1. Examine the relevant chapter sections on Police Recruitment, table 4.1, and Training, integrating these sections into your answer.
  2. What characteristics are necessary and basic requirements for police officers in general?
  3. Which characteristics are ideal for a police officer to have? In other words, what aspects, skills, personality traits, training, etc. would the best police officer have?
    1. Consider the impacts of police subculture, including elements of the working personality, police morality, isolation, and different types of job-related stress in your answer.


  1. Go to the SVSU Library Lib Guide for CJ: http://librarysubjectguides.svsu.edu/c.php?g=597628&p=4902884.
  2. Use one of the databases in the library to find a book or book chapter related to your paper topic.
    1. Search for a book published within the past ten years and,
    2. Focuses on the United States Criminal Justice system and,
    3. Is the book published by a reputable academic or scholarly press.
    4. You may not use the textbook as your source

    3. Provide an end reference for the book or book chapter. You will need to use the correct format for either the ebook or print version of the book, depending on which version you are using. You will need to have the following elements in your citation in the correct APA 6th edition format to earn the full points on this portion of the assignment:

    1. Author name(s) or agency names for each chapter.
    2. The year the book or book chapter was published.
    3. Title of the book chapter
    4. Title of the book.
    5. The name of the editor(s) if the book is an edited volume with separate chapter authors.
    6. The edition number (if available)
    7. Location of the publisher (city and state/country)
    8. Name of the publisher OR
    9. for ebooks list the web address or URL

    4. Below the end reference citation for the book or book chapter, you will need to write a thorough summary of the information contained in the book or book chapter (1-3 paragraphs depending on the length of the book).

  1. After you’ve found an appropriate book or book chapter, skim through the table of contents and the primary section headings for the book or chapter. Write answers to the questions below and integrate each of the answers into your annotated bibliography summary in paragraph format.
    1. What is the book or book chapter about, and how does it connect to your topic area? (How many agencies, crimes, people, etc. were examined or analyzed)?
    2. When or over what period of time is the book or book chapter examining?
    3. Where was the main problem or issue studied in the book or book chapter (Name the people, organizations, law enforcement agencies, death penalty cases, etc. discussed)? In other words, what did the author(s) measure and how many “things” were measured?
    4. What are some of the significant findings in the book or book chapter?
    5. What are the problems or limitations the author(s) experienced while writing the book? What specifically do they report?
  2. At the end of the annotation, please write down any questions you had while reading your source. Were there confusing sections? Unfamiliar terms?

My Topic is : Causes of Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement.

Textbook Link: https://mega.nz/#!pTw2xSxT!i0WkCRSjI5SaJrWanoqYvkl…

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