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Small assignment!!! Improvement in the field of psychology.

Must be original and plagiarism free…Must also have a reference that I can look up online for free and must have in-text citations.

The field of psychology has changed dramatically over time. As our knowledge, has grown, treatment of individuals and groups has improved. Review your materials from previous classes and locate additional resources as necessary. Choose one aspect of the field in which there has been an improvement and discuss the change(s). Some areas to consider are:

  • Changes in what is considered a mental disorder
  • Changes in treatment for individuals with psychological illness
  • Changes in research practices
  • Changes in common educational or organizational practices

Next, answer the following question: In what way(s) can we still improve in this area?

Grading Criteria

Makes one primary post for each discussion that meets lengths requirements (400-500 words for each primary post) and answers each of the questions accurately, fully, and with substance.

Primary posts make at least one direct reference to the unit material, text, or other academic source and include the citation(s)/reference(s) to the source(s) using APA format.

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