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1.Review systematically China’s expanding economic presence in Africa and relate your review to theories discussed in class about its potential impacts in the long-term.

2..“Engagers” and “Adversarians” represent the two major schools of thought in the West about whether rising China should be welcomed to the club of major powers or it should be contained and isolated. Outline the major arguments of each school and evaluate the reasonings involved.

3. Identify the five broad categories of Chinese economic and political actors in Africa and discuss the major issues pertaining to their goals and strategies.

4. It is said that the changing patterns of China’s behavior in the Global South would reflect the evolving nature of Sino-American relations. Whether you agree or not with this proposition, enumerate and describe the divergent theoretical approaches which inform the debates in this regard about the future of Sino-American relations.

5.What are the major theories about the causes and functions of war? Enumerate them and give specific example for each theory.

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