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1st STUDENT: Christopher Columbus: Was a hero or a villain? Well that really depends on who ask. He was born in 1451 and started his sailing life as a teenager. ( For many years he was told that he could not go on the voyage that he had long sat out to do. Finally, after some time he was given the money and the blessing to set sail for the open seas by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. He has the idea that instead sailing around a massive continent why not sail west. ( His first voyage took him to the him to the Bahamas and to the many islands of the Caribbean. When one of his ships was damaged, he left some of the crew behind in a small settlement of Hispaniola. This is the start of where many people might see that he was a villain. Upon returned he found that his men and settlement were gone. He went against his King and Queens wishes and embarked on slavery to rebuild and even sent 500 slaves as a “gift”. The gifts were quickly returned by the queen. He may have “discovered” America in a sense but he never stepped foot on this land. His actions and greed led to slaughtering and enslaved Native Americans. The greed did not only lye with him but to the King and Queen that wanted the wealth and fame that came along with his voyages. He was brave to sail the open seas but his intentions were powered by thought of riches. It is simple how so many can see him as being a villain.

2nd STUDENT: For this discussion I have chosen to Answer the question is Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain? Regardless of which side he is perceived as, he was still an explorer that unlocked the Americas to the western world. Although there were other explorers that found the Americas, his was more lasting and opened a whole section of the world to other people. It seems American history would not have been possible without Christopher Columbus and his everlasting discovery of the Americas! Without the discovery by Christopher Columbus , the United States would of never had the chance to exist.

There is opposition stating he did not discover the Americas, that the Native Indians did and he only caused destruction to the homeland. It was even said that he was a murderer and caused total chaos. I, for one have never heard of these things. Columbus brought christianity to a land which would become the beacon of religious freedom for the world. Columbus also brought civilization to the American lands.

Christopher Columbus was a hero, he went out and conquered what he thought was a fighting chance to make a discovery worthwhile to the world. I think if he did all the malicious activities that were stated, why does he have a day for himself. I can respect the two arguments if he was a villain or a hero. From what I have read and studied, he did a lot of great things and discoveries that he knew would put his life at risk, but he seized an opportunity and did them. For my research I used Christopher Columbus-Exploration from I felt like it gave me a good analysis of his life and discoveries to use this source to answer the forum question.

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