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Civil Liberties

For this discussion you are required to research Civil Liberties and identify a minimum of two civil liberties violations perpetrated under the Obama administration. Upon the completion of two terms in office many scholars assert despite the Democratic/liberal moniker of the Obama administration civil liberties violations were prevalent throughout the terms. In your discussion consider: wiretaps, whistle blowers, secret surveillance, blacklisting, phone records, text messages, emails etc.

Be sure to consider the counter argument centered on the proposition that these violations are necessary to keep law and order and the American citizens safe in an age terror. Provide a brief background for the civil liberties violations you research and whether you believe they are truly violations or necessary to maintain the safety and well being of our union.

*please note President Obama was a Constitutional attorney before venturing into public office*

The ACLU is an excellent research starting point. No more than 400 words..

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