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The full assignment instructions, films from which you must choose, and the assignment submission link are in the left hand column of the course home screen under “Film Critique…”

Be sure to do the following as you compose your assignments:

Meet writing requirements – 10-12 point font, no word limit, paragraph form – NO bullets – include in-text citations for all material discussed from the course text, class, and / or the film you selected AND include a References page / listing at the end of your paper that lists, at a minimum, References for the textbook and the film you selected

Your Film Critique should include the following:

Centered at the top of the page, include your name, our Course ID and Reference Number (CLP 1006 7856), and the film you selected.

In ONE PARAGRAPH (No more than one) that summarizes your understanding of the film. In this summary, address the main theme or idea of the film as well as any underlying themes that are conveyed during the production. In other words, what primary message was conveyed to the audience IN YOUR OWN WORDS via the production of this film? Note – I have seen all of these films – thus, this section should be one paragraph only – the majority of your critique should include your film / scene connections.

Then, in TEN individual paragraphs – In each:

1)Name one theory or topic that you read about in the text / heard about in class. You cannot use the same topic in more than one paragraph – so, overall, you will discuss ten different theories / topics from class)

2)Describe this theory or topic IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do not quote the text – however, DO provide an in-text citation for the textbook and a reference for all paraphrased material within)

3) Fully describe a movie scene that you believe is an example of this theory / topic (and cite / reference the film). Again, you cannot use the same film scene twice in the paper – so, overall, you will discuss ten theory / film connections.

4) Very clearly and specifically explain to me HOW AND WHY this particular scene is a good example of or can be explained by the text theory or topic. (Note that, if you neglect to tell me “how and why” the scene is an example of the selected topic, I will be unable to understand if you truly understand the connection – so be sure not to forget to do this).

Then, in ONE paragraphanswer the following questions:

What did you like about this film? What did you dislike? What, if anything, did you learn from it? Did this film surprise you / offend you in any way? This is your chance to say what you thought about the film.

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