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PLs comments both (10 sentences each)

Case #1

A positive attitude attitude is very important in life in general. Having a positive attitude really helps you while you communicate with people because it makes the conversation more light and enjoyable to have with you and can improve another person’s attitude. I am a firm believer that you can take any situation and make it bad or good based on your attitude; for example i need to go run some errands and while I am doing so I have a flat, I could say forget everything today my day’s ruined or say well it needed to be fixed and not let affect my outlook for the rest of the day. I think positive attitude in the workplace are contagious and if you have a negative attitude it can cause the people around you to become tense and as unpleasant as you; whereas if you go to work with a positive attitude you will not be so stressed, your coworkers will enjoy your presence and the day will go by fairly smooth. Culture, gender, technology and ethics do have both a win/lose effect on communication in today’s society. The biggest opportunity we have with communicating with people of different cultures is listening to others opinions about ourselves or wanting to think our way is better than theirs. Sometimes I hear people say that they are intimidated to work for a female manager instead of a male because they fear she will be to hard or visa versa then freak out when they have to talk to this person. To me technology changes daily and sometimes it is hard for me to keep up with the latest gadgets but my husband is totally opposite he thinks that if he doesn’t know how to use it already he doesn’t want it . He sometimes becomes frustrated learning about any of those changes where I kind of like the changes. It is hard to communicate with people who have little to no ethics in what they do and how they live it makes it hard to trust; so people tend to hang out with people who have similar ethics as themselves. I think that this class will help me to communicate better both at home and at work. It will also allow me to gain the knowledge and skills in need to communicate effectively.

Case # 2

I believe that a positive attitude is needed in both aspects of life for life to be able to run smoothly. In a professional standpoint, if you are positive when you are speaking to a fellow employee or employer it will make someone more willing to interact with you and helps you be able to work together in a productive environment. In your personal life it will also help maintain family and friend relationships if you are a more positive person. If you are negative it could harm your personal life. Positive attitudes when communicating can have the same impact of productivity and positive experiences in your personal life as well as in your professional settings. The roles that culture, gender, technology, and ethics play in your everyday life in the way you communicate with a person may not always be discussed but we all tend to communicate with these factors in different ways. For example when someone is talking to a woman it is usually different then if they would be talking to a man. People tend to think that women need to be spoken to differently then men. But aside from that as we have learned already in this course gender is about much more then that! Its about rights, what that persons sexual preference is, things that would cause discrimination and everything that is not respect as outlined in our lecture. Culture brings the same issues. Obstacles such as speaking different languages, religion, and norms bring difficulty in communicating. The same applies to each persons “Code of conduct” or ethics what people live their lives by. Between all these issues its hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak to see the successes that come with it. I hope this course will help me overcome these issues and become a more effective communicator that I need to be to prepared for my career.

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