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In this essay, you can talk about INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS feeling. For example, When I came to the US in 2012, first 3 months, I had no problem with the different life. Especially, I came from a different country and different culture (Meddle East). I was engaged in January 27, 2012. My wife traveled to the US in March 23, 2012. Then I came to the US in September 12, 2012 and we didn’t see each other till the wedding day which was in September 14, 2012. After 3 months, I feel like I miss something like my family (Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters and my friends) included the life that I came from. Then I became a familiar withe the new life. Also, I’m an Arabian man who gets angry as quick as he try to control himself. I became better than before I came to the US but the Arabian blood is still running in my veins.

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