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Research Based

Conduct an independent research paper about the discovery of Lucy. You must use at least two different sources and properly cite them in your paper. This paper should be at least 300 words and include a Works Cited page.

Your writing prompt: Who is Lucy?


Step 1: Before you begin your search, click on the following link, which includes fast facts about Lucy. Take notes on what you read.

Step 2: On your own, find another reliable source that discusses Lucy in more detail. Gather and evaluate what you learned.

Step 3: Answer the writing prompt in essay format in at least 300 words. Remember that you must use in-text citations for the sources that you use and include a Works Cited page.

This will be an exploratory paper in MLA format. Please visit this website before you begin your research so that you will understand how to construct the proper components of an exploratory paper:

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