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Confidentiality and autonomy are two important considerations when caring for case management clients. Review the case scenario below and answer the questions that follow:

You are a case manager in a substance abuse facility located in a fairly remote, rural area. A 17-year old girl receiving group therapy at your agency, as a term of probation for substance use, recently disclosed that she is pregnant and desires an abortion. The young girl has not been to a medical doctor, and she does not want her family and friends to know about her pregnancy and plans because she lives in a small town. The client is coming to you to seek guidance on where she can go to terminate her pregnancy and receive associated healthcare, and how she can get assistance for transportation.

With respect to the above scenario:

  1. Provide your working definition of confidentiality and describe how it applies to the current case.
  2. Provide your working definition of autonomy and describe how it applies to the current case.
  3. Summarize the ethical responsibilities of the case manager working with the client in need, ensuring both of these persons’ rights.

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