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Discussion 1: Response to Treatment Intervention (RTI)

Several different methods are used for identifying learning disabilities, one of which is response to treatment intervention (RTI). However, RTI is also a method for prevention. Although passed into law for identification purposes, many schools are adopting RTI as a means of identifying students who may be at risk for learning challenges through a systematic change in the delivery of instruction. Yet, RTI remains controversial as a means for identifying learning disabilities.

To prepare:

  • Consider both sides of the controversy in identifying learning disabilities.
  • Think about the various methods of identifying learning disabilities.
  • As you review the Learning Resources, think about how RTI can be a method for identification and prevention of learning challenges.

Post by Day 3:

Compare the use of RTI as a method for identifying learning disabilities to at least one other method, such as the ability achievement discrepancy model. Identify which method you prefer, and explain why. Finally, briefly explain how RTI can be used as a method for preventing learning challenges in students who are at risk.

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