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Answer the discussion question in 4 paragraph. The question are in Bold print below:

There are two different perspectives regarding the definition of Deviance; Constructionist and the Positivist Perspectives as discussed in your text Deviant Behavior.

Also in your text The Relativity of Deviance Sociological Relativity your text discusses how important it is to remember, when discussing deviance, it can be counter productive in today world, to simply use only the Positivist Perspective, Deviance is Absolutely Real and defined as a fact.

It is important that we understand the 2 different perspectives and understand how we, as humans define and label deviant behavior. How deviant behavior is define will decide who and how people are treated by the medical and/or criminal justice system.

In light of several tragic events involving police officers and citizens in the past few months: Research one event, which has occurred during the 2016 calendar year, and explain what behaviors, by the police officer and the citizen were labeled as deviant, why were the behaviors labeled deviant, and which perspective was used, by the media, and the criminal justice system to label the behaviors deviant.

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