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I have completed 14 pages of the 18-20 required but needs a abstract and editing along with 4-6 additional pages of content. Solid theory reflected in paper already but it needs to be tied to the case of Tony Stark with more history on his character. The original directions are as follows:

Contrasting the use of Freudian theory and Erickson’s stages of development using the example of Tony Stark ( from the movies not the comic book) and focusing on his childhood and subsequent alcohol use and philandering in his adult years. This should be empirically based using primary sources only from psychology research. Tony Stark’s (fictional character) can be derived from non primary sources. There must be minimum 6 cited psychology sources (never Wikipedia). All sources MUST be appropriately cited in APA format in Reference page and in-text citation. If you don’t know APA don’t bother bidding please.

******Your final paper should be between 18 and 20 pages, not including the cover page, abstract, and references.*******

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