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Read carefully and change the words in the paragraph below that express biased or sexist language or words that refer to a group incorrectly. In some cases, there may be multiple possible correct answers.

The system will score your response as incorrect if you have any spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or spacing errors

Our attitudes about child labor have changed dramatically over time. During the Industrial Revolution, children as young as four years old worked in factories. In a typical family, a man and wife would have as many children as possible. Having many children was seen as a way out of poverty. Many children working as chimney sweeps became crippled at a young age. Until slavery was abolished in the United States, children of negroes would start working from a nearly age. Despite the terrible conditions, some of these children flourished. Phillis Wheatley, for example, was sold into slavery but became a famous poetess.Conditions began to change in the early twentieth century as mankind became more aware of the plight of children. During the Great Depression, workmen were so desperate that they would work for the same wages as children. There are now laws that protect boys from “oppressive child labor” but the problem persists, especially in the developing world. In Oriental countries, it is not uncommon to see children working in the street, and in West Africa, colored children often work as child soldiers. Even in the United States, some Latin immigrants under the age of 18 work as fruit and vegetable pickers.

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