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Course Paper

Final Paper Rubric (Must be attached as last page)

  • In depth writing of 5-8 articles within 10 Years (3 point deduction per article not met per category) Students are welcomed to cite older sources, but must write about a minimum of 5 articles that are within 10 years.
  • 8-10 pages (not including title page/references)
  • Papers over or under the limit will be reduced by 2 points per page

Grading Criteria (a total of 40 points are possible)

Appearance, format (including APA style)/5

Organization, transitions, is there a flow to the paper?/10

Introduction to topic – Broad statement, main themes, thesis statement

Body – Paragraphs that contain 5-8 articles within 10 years supporting the thesis statement; Organize the body in terms of themes that support your thesis statement and let a few of the articles speak to each of those themes.

Conclusion/Future Research – Tie together main themes. Give some research prospects. Defend your thesis statement

Discussion of articles, use of empirical research studies,/10

Who are the participants? What are the measures used? Why were these measures used? Where is the sample from? What are similarities and differences in the research? Age, gender of the participants? There should be a lot of detail throughout.

Relevance/usefulness to educators; Quality of commentary & summary/10

Make sure to keep your writing simple to ensure flow, and transitions

– Define concepts that require a specific knowledge base

-Remember that the purpose of a lit review is to see what is CURRENT in a specific field

-Organize your info in terms of your thesis statement (don’t just make random summaries)

-NO DISSERTATIONS, Cite everything, use of professional language

– Articles must be within 10 years

Writing and grammar/5


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