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Create an outline for a 1,000- to 1,200-word argumentative research essay in which you take a stand on a controversial topic and support your opinion with evidence from sources. Your outline must include the following:

  1. A claim that is both arguable and defensible: Keep in mind that you may end up changing your opinion as you delve deeper into your research. (This is normal.)
  2. At least three reasons that support your claim and any subpoints or details that fall under each reason: Although your descriptions do not have to be complete sentences, the phrases you write in the outline should give your instructor enough information to understand your reasoning. Above all, be consistent in your presentation of information.
  3. Evidence from at least five credible sources to support your reasons organized into a MLA works-cited page: Find two or more sources that support one reason or one source that supports two or more reasons. (Either way, you should end up with five sources.)

Use the tips from this lesson to ensure that your sources are credible. Document each source on your works-cited page according to MLA standards so it’s clear to your instructor where you found it.

Among your sources should be at least one print source, such as a book or periodical, even if you found it online. For example, if you had consulted a full-text version of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species online, it would count as a print source because it was originally published as a book.

Keep in mind that your plan for going about any research project is always flexible. You might decide to deviate from your outline while you’re actually writing the paper, especially if you come up with new reasons or find better evidence to support your reasons.


Create an outline for an argumentative research essay, which you will draft in Lesson 2. The outline will begin

with a strong claim, followed by at least three supporting reasons. The evidence that backs up each reason

must come from credible sources that you find through research. In its finished state, your outline should show

how the claim, reasons, and evidence all relate.

Your outline should include the following elements:

A claim that takes a clear stand on an important, controversial issue

At least three reasons that support the claim

Evidence from at least five sources that backs up your reasons (and the claim, indirectly)

A works-cited page that lists your sources and follows MLA guidelines

Ask yourself these questions as you revise:

  • Is my claim arguable and defensible? Is it controversial enough that reasonable people might disagree with it? At the same time, can it be supported with evidence that I find in credible sources?
  • Is it easy to see the relationship between my supporting reasons and the claim? Are my reasons likely to convince readers to take my claim seriously?
  • Are my sources credible? Are the authors and publishers trustworthy? Are the sources transparent about where they got their information? Are they up-to-date? Do they clearly support my stated reasons?
  • Does my works-cited page follow MLA guidelines? Are the sources listed in alphabetical order? Do the citations present information about the sources in the correct order? Do they use proper punctuation?

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